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Coil Building show offs!


Few shots of tonight’s build


You’re a true artisan. Beautiful work :thumbsup:


Great photos man the lighting is perfect. Keep em coming!



@DrChud thanks man I do try and get the best from my equipment which isn’t anything fancy really :wink:


@SignMan not to bad yourself man :ok_hand: coils look great :wink:


There’s no need to be modest. You do fantastic work and your shipping cost to Ireland is pretty reasonable too, so I’ll definitely be back for a look. Welcome to the forum too, great to have you aboard


Thanks for the compliments dude, yeah when ever your ready man just pop over to the website mate and have a gander :+1:


Oh i forgot to put in my last post that i did all the staggering on that last build with a button. No spool tamer but the button thing worked great, you just gotta get it nice and tight!


Not a bother fella, I definitely will.


We like it tight dude :wink::joy:


Ya damn right! Lol get it right get it tight


Few pics from tonight’s alien staples
10x 0.4/0.1 ka1 ribbon
36g alien wrap
Mounted in the goon lost arts rda 0.18 ohms
3mm ID
All wire used @juice_junkie_uk


That drip shot makes my mouth water lol


I got my swivels in the mail today and I just had to try my hand at twisting up a coil. All I have for wire is the 10 feet of Kanthal that comes with the coil master kit so I can’t do anything fancy like Claptons but I figured I’d rather practice on Kanthal than the Stainless I’ve got coming.

Stupid drill is front heavy so I had to wedge the cotton pack under it to keep from falling over. It worked though, so now all I have to do is wait for my Griffin 25 Plus to show up and I can try it out. Come on vape mail!

Chain link coil wire AKA Clapton’s suck try this!

Wait a second. What the heck is that? It looks like chain-link. Please explain. Because it looks really cool.


I like it, kind of “Mad Max” sort of coil.
It’s pretty easy, twist a pair of wires together clockwise and then twist another pair clockwise and then twist the 2 pairs together counter-clockwise.

It’s an honor to be in the same thread as true works of coil art


Nice job. :+1: there is a great thread for this

@Ken_O_Where @JoJo possible merge? Thanks


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There is no way my coil is worthy of sharing a thread with those works of art!