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Comment after nickname?


Thanks for all the laughs everyone. Fun thread :smiley:


@JoJo can you magically make the empty space next to my name say ALIEN!


@JoJo I think you are magic! I tried doing that for a week and nothing, then there you go. Lets see you add a ! to it, then I will know for sure your magic.


Well now you’re just askin too much! :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t realize you wanted the ! too. LoL.


The Force is strong with her


Awesome! can I get a raise at work? no wait is this like a djinni, do I just get 3 wishes? can I ask for 3 more wishes? Wish I didn’t ask for a raise now, wish I could think of something good to wish for…


Well…thanks for playing!


Don’t forget the DEA we wouldn’t want to leave them out!:sunglasses:


I knew I was forgetting someone…

How’d I miss the DEA…? They’re the biggest shit-birds in the bunch…

They catch ya with a little weed and they’ll seize your car, house, bank account… Hell! They’ll take ya Mama’s teeth if they got gold in 'em!

Dirty sumbichiz…grumble…grumble…sumptin’er’other…

…what were we just talkin’ bout? Oh yea! Nicks’ name 'er something… I think it’s Bob…?


Can I please have ‘old noob’


That’s up to old noob. lmao


@Volition You have to know the magic phrase,

Let me try requesting that change.
Hail the GODS of the forum we call upon you and request your services, will you add something like “OLD Noob” as a tag on Volition’s name ? PLEASE :slight_smile:
do uou see the magic word? -----------^^^^^ all caps



I think I’m too old & too new at this stuff for this mumbo jumbo…kids today. Least they seem to be on my side, this kind of trickery brings out my prejudices. I think I’ll f$&k with them.


No silly, just tag the person who performs the magic. That Today’s Kid is @JoJo@Volition? you still want “old noob”? Oops sorry @CosmicTruth didn’t see that down at the bottom. Last night on IRC she mentioned seeing family today…patience


hehehe [Jeopardy voice] “Things Old Noobs would say for $200 Alex…”



Guess which noob found giphy?


Yall are too funny. :stuck_out_tongue: Done and done.


@JoJo We aims to please you aim too please. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Read that somewhere. lmao :smile:


I wrote that on the bathroom wall in an Albuquerque Waffle House!