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"Copy Simple Text" No longer working for me


In the recipe toolbar “Copy Simple Text” isn’t doing it.
I used this feature to backup my favorites to my Juice
Calculator . It was very convenient because it was formatted
properly and just went right in. Now having to type it all out.
Anyone had this trouble ? Please share a fix.


Last time this happened to me it was a Flash issue. I recently reformatted and was going to exclude flash but it is required here for some of the sites features.


Did the problem come back?


Once i installed flash everything worked fine again. Maybe trying reinstalling flash and see if that helps.


I just remembered the last step, in firefoxs URL bar you will see a lego looking thing at the far left before the website address. Click it to change flash permissions for the site.


Thank you very much.


Copy simple text is not working again, I’ve tried to re-install Flash but still no luck. I recall it happening before and there was a simple fix. Any ideas?


Flash probably just has to be enabled on ELR … Which browser?


Hi @daath - Chrome and Safari. No luck on either.


Chrome definitely works. Click the “Manage plugins”-icon to the right in the address bar… :slight_smile:


Perfect. Many thanks. That worked.