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"Copy Simple Text" No longer working for me


In the recipe toolbar “Copy Simple Text” isn’t doing it.
I used this feature to backup my favorites to my Juice
Calculator . It was very convenient because it was formatted
properly and just went right in. Now having to type it all out.
Anyone had this trouble ? Please share a fix.


Last time this happened to me it was a Flash issue. I recently reformatted and was going to exclude flash but it is required here for some of the sites features.


Did the problem come back?


Once i installed flash everything worked fine again. Maybe trying reinstalling flash and see if that helps.


I just remembered the last step, in firefoxs URL bar you will see a lego looking thing at the far left before the website address. Click it to change flash permissions for the site.


Thank you very much.


Copy simple text is not working again, I’ve tried to re-install Flash but still no luck. I recall it happening before and there was a simple fix. Any ideas?


Flash probably just has to be enabled on ELR … Which browser?


Hi @daath - Chrome and Safari. No luck on either.


Chrome definitely works. Click the “Manage plugins”-icon to the right in the address bar… :slight_smile:


Perfect. Many thanks. That worked.


Hey Guys! I’m trying to do this as well with no luck. I’m using Chrome and don’t see anything in my address bar to “manage plugins”. Any advice? Many thanks in advance!


Flash needs to be enabled. For me it works only via pc, if I wanted via phone/tablet you’ll have to use a different browser or install flash plugin manually since chrome no longer supports it on android.

Pc: click the 3dots and then go to settings, enable flash there for this page or add extension. If you run ad blocker, make sure you are allowing the flash to be on for this page and not blocked/disabled.


what she said, 3 horiz. lines/more tools/extensions and enable flash


Awesome! I’ll give that a shot tomorrow morning. Thanks everyone!



3 Dots (top right) >> Settings >> Advanced >> Content Settings >> Flash

Top Slider Slide from “Block sites from running Flash” to "Ask first (recommended).

Once enabled (or not blocked) you can also choose to ADD sites


Worked like a charm! A million thank you’s!


Another way…

Use your browser to Print/Save a recipe page to PDF. Chrome has “Save as PDF” built in. Other browsers may require an extension to be added. The Microsoft “Print to PDF” add-on works OK.

You get a PDF of the entire page, not just the flavor percentages. NIC content, PG/VG ratios, notes, comments. The PDF may be all you need. But you can then use a PDF converter to make the PDF into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet for editing.

There are many PDF converters available. A few are free, some are semi-free, meaning they only convert one page or only allow 1 or 2 conversions per hour. Converting only 1 page is OK for ELR recipes.

Yet another way…

The free LibreOffice suite (MS Word/Excel alternative) handles a simple cut and paste very well. For some reason the real MS Word does not. Display an ELR recipe, select all and cut, then paste into a LibreOffice word document. All formatting comes through OK and you can edit.

No need to fool with Flash, which most good websites have already killed and all other websites will need to kill by 2020.