Using "The Juice Calculator" recipe import function

Can you be more specific? I think my meds are wearing off.
You mean send recipes up to ELR from PC?


What’s it doing (or not doing)? Do you have Flash enabled?


When I copy to simple text I can’t paste it. To a notepad or the program. I have no idea if flash it’s installed it should be


@TorturedZen Outstanding tutorial. I only WISH I’d seen this tut before I started struggling with it. Great job.


you in chrome? click the little i in a circle just on the left side of the web address. then click allow, you might have to then reload the page.
I think you will have to do that over on a recipe.




Yes that does it too :slight_smile: I looked and looked for that setting, I think clicking the (i) adds the site into that list as well,


Chrome is so fucked up, you can turn it on in chrome all day and it still won’t work! You need to first upload the latest version of Flash and install it to your machine! And then do as others have said to activate it in chrome! Took me forever to figure this out and many hours of cussing!!!

Yes sir, if I create a recipe offline with the calculator. How would I upload it to ELR? Also is there a way to get my stash from ELR imported into the calculator?


I am not aware of any options to upload (export) recipes to ELR. I imagine that would be something the program’s author and @daath would have to collaborate on.

In terms of importing your ELR stash, I don’t think it will import flavors in one-fell-swoop. That’s the part that requires some manual entry for data such as vendor, purchase date, price, amount etc.

Ideally you would want your flavor inventory in the calculator already in place when you begin importing recipes. The import process will flag flavors not recognized so it’s a good idea to follow the same naming conventions.

BUT…when everything is in place it’s smooth sailing!


So I messed around for a bit. I like the import but still trying to get pg/vg ratios to zero on import. Uggg.

Basically I have almost always marked my flavors of/vg free because 95% of the time I have mixed with fa flv mf and inw. Tpa/cap is the other portion.

So far when I import from a rec/ejuicemeup up it imports everything except that value.


Try this…
Tools–>Options–>Recipe Defaults

That will allow you to specify default values and use them as a template.


Try Tools–>Options–>Pre-Sets tab in the same section.

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I have always kept a workbook of my concentrates in excel and have found that I can use the calculators template to import most of the information by copying different columns in my workbook to the template. I would imagine if I reworked my concentrate workbook to match the calculator it would be a breeze!

I did notice this as it kinda dicked up my the sorting as i added lists of concentrates from my workbook! My Workbook has a seperate sheet for each brand or MFG! Big red X took care of that! Will import recipes once my stash is sorted and added the way that I want it!

Was getting irritated with the calc until i found this! :+1:


Sorry. I didn’t realize this would create some frustrations. The goal was just to show an easy way of importing recipes. Shoulda thought this through a bit more before posting the tutorial.


I’ve used the Juice Calculator for years, the only thing I really disliked about it is when importing a recipe if you don’t have the ingredient in your inventory it adds the ingredient to your inventory. While on the face of it, it sounds good but if the recipe your importing has the spelling off for a specific ingredient, you have to go back though the (now) new recipe and change the ingredients to those that you do have in your inventory and go into your inventory and delete the item that the import placed for that ingredient.
As a side note, what I often do is while the imported (copied) txt is in the window, prior to hitting the import button, I will edit the text from the copied text to what I know I have written in my inventory so I won’t need to delete a ingredient later… i.e if the importing recipe calls for Bavarian Cream (FW) and all I have is Bavarian Cream (TPA), while the import window is open I’ll change the “FW” to “TPA”… just something to be aware of.


244 flavors to add manually and not just the names, but manufacturer, folder, weight, notes, price, amount left …

Yes totally love it but if I get into that, I won’t be mixing for the next 3 months till this is all added and categorized in the way I would like it.

Import function of the stash would be nice lol.


thanks for the tip and thank you @TorturedZen for the tutorial, otherwise this method wouldn’t even be an option lol. After reading that this calculator does have this feature, and I was too lazy of adding my flavors manually, I went on ELR created 7 private recipes with 40 flavors each and then imported it into the program.

I tried 60 and even 80 but it just makes the calculator take a long time, so I stick with 40 at the end.

It’s still manual “labor” of course, since you have to create the recipe, but it’s much faster than typing the flavors by itself into JC.

Now I only have to go and change some of the flavor details that weren’t imported due to this method, but definitely saves a bit of time :wink:


Looks like a lot of work ahead of me.


No Apologies necessary! It’s kind of to be expected when changing from one program to another! Especially for us computer illiterate individuals!
The method I mentioned above took me a few tries but I used it and managed to get all 500 flavors into the calc in just an hour or so! Complete with dates, costs and all pertinent Info!
Key for it to work was converting ELR’s .CSV file to the calc’s template!

Nice! This would save a bunch of time!


I think you’ll find it very worth the effort!


I have over 500 now @estorm (yes, I have a problem), and I found myself in the same boat as you. “I gotta spend HOW long, doing what, for how many flavors ??!!”.

Frankly, I did NOT want to do it. Started playing around with it, made it past the n00b learning curve (yes, there is one with this program), and alerts is worth all the time it will take, for me.