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Since its Friday let’s do something fun!

( click the pic to see examples)


I’ll start. :slight_smile:

I wish I had every single flavor!!


Granted but no scale or bottles to mix in :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go, here is every flavor of that Snickers bars offer …

I wish I had 5 million bucks!


I wish I had 40 mods


Granted. But it’s monopoly money!


Granted! But you lose all your attys.


There’s no wish for me to corrupt >.>

I wish for Superintelligent AI to take over the world.


Granted and judgement day is upon us and terminators kill us all.


In that case I wish I was a terminator :robot: :eyes:


Granted but your chip will fry so you’re not gonna be of use.


Leave a wish after your grant so the rest of us can play :poop:


Its free for anyone to post a wish


You can just make a wish, I don’t think the person who granted has to do it. If they do, I wish it wasn’t so :sweat_smile:


Kay, but now you can only wish for croutons.

I wish to be Dicator of the US for a year.


Wish granted, but you will be this kind…


We need a WTF emoji.


Is that a wish? :rofl:


Granted, but you can only send it to yourself!

I wish that I had the power to turn things into gold!


Granted, but you have to give them all to me :joy: