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ಠ_ಠ but nobody will understand that’s what it means.


I wish I never had to sleep – going to bed guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish granted, but you don’t get a bed.


Wait that didn’t make sense. .


It did…at least it’s how I was gonna answer :laughing:


Ok let me try again…
You never have to sleep but you have to stay in bed! :laughing:


I wish I could speak multiple languages fluently


Wish granted. But you can’t understand anyone else.


I wish beer didn’t have any carbs!


Granted but you can only drink it mixed with saltwater.


Eeewww… Lol


I wish @VapeyMama and @Lolly we’re my next door neighbors ( I need a drinking buddy)


Wish granted but all they do is party while you try to sleep. I wish I had enough money to quit my job.


Accurate. :laughing:


Wish granted, but you’ll have to move into @Jayrell’s house and deal with @lolly’s and my constant disruptions!


I wish I was a fly on the wall at @Jayrell’s house.


Granted but you are blind and deaf so you won’t see or hear anything.


“Granted but you are blind and deaf so you won’t see or here anything.” You just get to smell the party.


Look out for the cats! They love to chase and catch flies… oh wait, you would be def… hmmm no good