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Granted … But Jayrell’s house is a maximum security prison

I wish I was a telletubby


Granted and as such you will spend the rest of your life in a TV


Granted, but you have to fight Barney to the death to see who the king of PBS is. I wish Chris Cornell would come hang out with us at the party at Jayrells place.


Deleted…not comfortable with the term I used given the circs.


Wow I just got that! Agreed lol


Granted but you can only talk without the use of vowels :grin:


I wish the UK had a proper Summer


Granted but you’ll be banished to Greenland.


I wish for 1000 more wishes.:smirk:


Granted but none will come true :laughing:


Dangit :expressionless:


I wish that all trolls would explode 2 seconds before hitting the “return” (enter) key, so that we never have to endure their BS.


Granted, their all gone, BUT, the internet just went out with them…


I wish I knew whether or not I was going to like flavors before I bought them, so I’d only have winners in the mixing cave.


Granted. But now every time you order the flavors that you know are good, your order is mis-packed with the flavors that suck. And they’re winners, but in the “worst flavor” category.


Granted but all the boards are junk


I wish my husband didn’t pass his cold onto me!! :sneezing_face:


Granted but he’s given you his athletes foot fungus.


Granted but while taking care of your husband and his cold you had no time to diy mix and have zero ejuice left and the Vape shop is closed.



I wish to find that perfect all day vape.