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Crazy vape trick skills


Let me just leave this here this guy is my hero.


I think for once, I can safely say, I have NEVER witnessed vaping skills such as these.


hes on fire


Thats about my skill level … that shit aint easy !


Matter of fact, I was SO blown away by this outright dastardly display of vaping mad skills, I’m dropping the Mega +1 on this thread !!!


He is my roll model. I wish my vape tricks were even half as fucking stellar as his!


Every once in a while, I’ll go to show the 13 year old my awesome trick skills. I usually end up just spitting all over my own face as he says, “real cool, Mom. Real cool.”


I can testify to this! Because we never ever try to out vape trick each other!:rofl:


you’re unfair @woftam

title says… "Mad Vape Skills"
did anyone said that his name isn’t mad? Νο… :stuck_out_tongue:

guys this is “Mad” and these are his vaping skills :stuck_out_tongue:


@Molly_Mcghee Kids are tough these days … :):sunglasses:



My personal vaping tricks include:

  1. Exhaling slowly onto a table.
  2. Sometimes making a tornado with said vape cloud
  3. Ninja (my favorite). Blowing cloud and running away.


@Brandolf i can agree with this lol that’s about as far as it goes for me too lol


You two have me beat. :laughing:
All my “lame old ass” does is enjoy a tasty vape.
(I’ll leave the tricks for the kids. Which is what I was taught some decades ago by some silly rabbit on TV)


That thru the shirt trick looks extremely difficult but ill give it a go! :crossed_fingers:


This is inspirational & fenominol…I want to join his Vape Tech school
before I die.


To be honnest he is pretty good,
He does alot more then i ever do :grin:


Be carefull, choke danger !