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Current favorite tank


What is everyone’s current favorite tank? Sub-ohm or otherwise.
I am currently using an Aspire Atlantis 2 and a Kangertech ProTank 4.
I have used the Uwell Crown but really didn’t care for it much.


I’ve moved away from tanks to RTAs and RDAs. But the only one that sees use on occasion is the Crown V1. I think I have a couple of Kanger Protank Minis stored away. Considering getting the TFV12 tank. Thing looks beastly as all get out.


I can’t put down my Sigelei Moonshot 24. The flavor is amazing. It’s a pain in the a$$ to build on but well worth the effort. I am actually thinking about buying a second one in stainless and maybe even a 22mm version for my Cuboid Mini.


ill never give up my aspire clieto NEVER and the original crown is greeeeat, rta serpent mini although im starting to like the conqurer mini but as i said earlier The Clieto has my heart :wink:


Sounds like my collection. I have the Cleito, Serpent Mini and Crown v1 as well. I still use them in my rotation.


RTS vapes out of Charlotte NC has the cleito on sale today for $16.95. I’ve ordered flavors from them a couple of times and they are super fast.


I really have several
But my 15 dollar Apache by Kepler that Mister Sinner turned me onto is awesome I am running dual Clapton coils at .45 ohms at 48 watts

The top one twist to open and fill is nice
I also like the Herkales RTA same build


I’ve been really enjoying both the Serpent Mini 22 and 25. They both rock!


Kayfun v5 rock it with cherimoya custard.


I really like the Merlin and Merlin mini because they are single coil builds and very user friendly! As far as tanks with stock coils I’m loving the baby beast and cleito. I also have to agree that the crown v1 is a great tank and I also really like the kanger mini! The kanger and crown are both flavor chaser tanks. Another great tank that uses stock coils and is a flavor chaser is this aqua ux from the United Kingdom!


I also love the merlin but like my ego one mega with CLR coils for ease of use


I love my obs engine, petri, tfv8, crown 1 in that order. The obs is my fav simply because I have never ever had it leak any juice and the flavor is awesome.


I have a couple of RTA’s but the one I like most is my Smok TF-RTA G2. Never a issue with it leaking, Easy fill and enough room to build on.


they are great tanks all three


ahhhh the baby beast is a good tank one i forgot about bc it came with my alien and my coils are toast need to get rba


First post …love my griffin 25 plus on top of the Alien . Dual nichrome 80 coils at .369 at 40 watts


Welcome R502! And that’s a good tank.


Thanks , seeing how Ive gone all in , building coils and diy juice , figured I’d try the forums . I don’t have a lot of people who vape to chat with


Good to hear good things about the OBS Engine. Right now I rotate Baby Beasts, Cleitos, and Boreas. The Engine was next on my list to get, and the single coil Engine Nano should be available this week or next. May have to pick up both now. :grinning: I really love their concept for being leak-free.


I love my single coil Ammits as well as my dual coil Engines.