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Current favorite tank


The Sherman RTA is a very fine piece should anyone have the opportunity to get one. Another thanks to @Beaufort_Batches for snagging one of these gems for me!


I’m currently using a IJoy Limitless XL with the C4 coils set at 125W on my Reuleaux RX2/3. It produces large clouds and great flavor. I had a little trouble with leaking at first but just had to get the coil seated properly. I could do without the LED’s in the coil but it doesn’t hurt anything.


Griffin 25 plus


Digging my new Kayfun V5 and V3 mini. :grinning: These two attys are great for vaping my NET… the flavor factor is outstanding! Plus, my wife has finally found an RTA that she can top fill which doesn’t splooge juice out of the air intake holes as she fills the tank! She’s a happy camper with her Kayfun V3 mini; awesome mouth to lung tank for her! :grinning:


I’ve been using the Billow V2.5 for a couple of months now, and I’ve got to say, it’s probably my favorite RTA-I was a huge fan of the V2 to begin with. The V2.5 is everything the V3 should have been-Top fill, dual post velocity deck and all with the classic sexy Billow lines.


Me too. :wink: They are still pretty much in my weekly rotation… so easy to keep maintained and clean. And they are one of the few RTA’s you can get with a SS tank option, for those rough and tumble days.


All of wotofo’s rta’s of late are great I love them all and I own most every tank on the market the serpent mini 25mm is probably the most versatile and the flavor is great the only tank even close to wotofo in the RTA game is the merlin mini that nis another great RTA but wotofo as a whole is unstoppable the conqueror mini great flavor single or dual the troll RTA is really nice too I wish I could use my drip tips that the only flaw but if I had to pick one tank forever iit would be the serpent mini 25mm second merlin mini I have not bought the engine yet and people say some good things about it so??? Oh and the most over rated tank I have ever bought was the petri RTA by dot mod I wasn’t impressed and I gave it a good long try lol…


I keep my V2 in rotation as well. I never liked the solid tank-I always vaped the thing dry! I do have fingers that like to drop things. A lot. I found the Vapesoon glass from Fasttech holds up pretty well. Their glass seems to hold up much better than EHPro’s did. I picked up a 5-pack from FT early last year and I’ve still got three in reserve. (Knocks wood) For flavor and juice consumption, you can’t beat the V2 in my opinion.


A toss up between the Limitless Plus RDTA and the Aromamizer Plus RDTA. Both of these tanks are making me clean and put a majority of my other tanks back in their boxes.


My favorite right now is the obs engine. No leaks…good flavor…easy to fill.


Exactly the same but I also would like to thorw the BFDFT into the mix and I still use and love the obs engine when I want a smaller tank (small is now relative all things measured off the Aromamizer Plus)


Right now I would have to say it was the Fumy Tech Crystal Ball. It has it’s drawbacks, per my liking. It is slow to fill, the dark glass makes it hard to see where the liquid level is and where the liquid control openings are. However, it is an exceptionally stable build deck, it produces consistent flavor and vapor. The draw suits me well. Slightly more constricted than say a SMOK Beast. It is for all intents and purposes a tank fed dripper. To that end, you can close down the juice control ports and drip in it. I could not recommend or discourage it for others as all the factors are so subjective to ones liking.


Just got my Sherman, it’s hands down the best RTA I ever used!
I thought the Ammit was the best for flavor that I’ve used until I received the Sherman.
Super easy to build and wick, I saw a few reviews saying it’s prone to leaking, but I haven’t had a single leak.
I filled it and as soon as the top cap started screwing down, I turned it upside down, finished screwing the top cap in, opened the airflow and screwed it into my mod.
Flavor is even better than the Ammit, I’m using the same 3x26/36 PT N80 Aliens @0.11 ohm 120watts, wicks like a dream, also even better than the Ammit, not even a resemblance of a dry hit even when chain vaping @120 watts.
The cone shaped drip tip is the most comfortable drip tip I ever used.
Not cheap, but worth every penny IMO.


Griffin 25 with the rba is my workhorse


Next up fantastic set up is the steam crave aromizer plus bundle kit fitted with 5,10 and 20ml glass plus extensions. I first got the Sherman then a few weeks later, @woftam turned me on to the aromizer plus. This very well may edge out the Sherman for vapor production and flavor. Plus that 20ml extension is very nice! Only have to fill once per day


SXK Doggy RTA.
MTL, easy to build on and 3.5ml tank.
Nice flavor at low watts.


Ammit Dual with 3mm glass…This thing has better flavour than a lot of my RDA’s…it’s insane, The Kylin is practically the same only smaller and not quite made as well but still has incredible flavour production.


Gotta go with the Ammit Dual as well. But this is very subjective. Love the fact that it is short. Love the knurling top and bottom. Even love the bulge in the tank. Really like the looks of the thing. Beyond that, it builds easy, wicks well, accepts a good variety of wires that achieve resistance values I like, has really good flavor and quite acceptable fog. Holds enough juice to last awhile. Simply a pleasant experience all around.


My favorite :relaxed:


I’ve been using Petri 24’s exclusively since purchased 3 weeks ago. Goon24’s for my RDA needs.