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Custard Lover ( I think I will marry it )


It cost 25 euros to ship to the states!!! That is outrageous. I really want those custards and that Cuberon and some other flaves that sound yummy. I just can not justify $30 dollars or so to ship. If You live on that side of the world maybe we can work something out? Oh well stupid thing to ask. @Flavor_Alchemist hoping you respond


I wish I had some others to test this. I only have their “clean” versions, like vanilla swirl and gelato, but I do use their bavarian cream without that pepper taste. It must be in their heavier creams and not so much the bavarian. Interesting though

I do like the MF vanilla and I have yet to pair it with cap’s v1. I can almost taste that combo now and I’ll have to mix some up next time, yum! :slight_smile:


Ive not tried the DX stuff, im always a few years behind… I mixed for a few years before folks in chat forced me to try one of the scales i had, its that hole old st00pid dog/new tricks thing…

Here is my main ADV, it has undergone many revisions but i havent changed it in quite awhile now.

Simple Custard

Ingredient %
Caramel (CAP) 2
Cheesecake (LA) 2
Vanilla (MF) 0.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 9.5%

Even sans the caramel and cheesecake it is very good.


I’ll have to give this a go! I don’t have cap’s caramel, only FA, INW and FLV but I’ll make it work. I don’t have any of the DX either, I only meant the swirl and the gelato that is the “clean” version of their counterparts but not the DX line. I never saw a reason to do the DX creams, it’s like decaf coffee :slight_smile:


This has been my custard for well over a year now, I adapted it from a recipe I got from ECF but there is no easy way around it with regards to steeping, I have 200ml on the shelf now that is over 2 months old and it is devine :yum::ok_hand:

Custard Bomb

Ingredient %
Caramel (Original) (TPA) 2
French Vanilla Creme (TPA) 3
Marshmallow (CAP) 2
Sweet Cream (CAP) 2
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 10

Flavor total: 19%

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I’m a custard and cream fan myself and what I’ve started doing is mixing up my concentrate mixes of a curtain recipe and then use that mixed concentrate to mix up a batch… This way the flavours get a chance to steep a little…It doesn’t steep completely but it takes a lot of time off the final waiting period…
Something else I do for tweeking my recipes is mix up certain flavours on there own at 1/10% and then I have it steeped and ready if i want to adjust a recipe, i just add a few drops… I can add to it and not have to wait the full steep time. Hope that helps a bit… The custard quest continues…lol


i have been wanting an MF flavor but I want to be sure I will like it before I invest in it. Vanilla is a good one? is a cream or custard or just a vanilla?


I would like to make this into a base, call it Ken’s Simple Custard. That way I can use as an ingredient in recipes. You ok with that if I credit you?


I was just thinking the same thing.


When the custard guru speaks, we listen huh? :grinning:

That’s 200ml. I left room in case the 70/30 blend is too strong since this was formulated for max VG. Also subbed the CAP Caramel with 0.5% MF Caramel. Looking forward to late October!


Derp, i should have been able to figure that out, hehe. Sorry about that.

Sure, I hope you enjoy it. I usually drop the caramel if i am using it as a base for fruits but keep it when i use it as a base for creams.

I made that switch for my caramel custard, Caramel (MF), not sure why i havent done the same for Simple Custard.


It is a naturally extracted vanilla, with some curing time it really comes alive, creamy yummy vanilla. Be warned tho, it does take around two months to become perfection.

I buy mine from ECX under the Lotus name, buying them direct from MF will get you less than you pay for as the bottles they use dont even hold 15ml.


Exactly what I have done for years. I do it to double flavor and make it 3 mg nicotine level. This helps oxidize the flavorings (I do use organic alcohol based extracts, and will allow off-gassing for weeks before mixing) and bring out subtle colors, the nicotine is what oxidizes the natural flavors. The chemical smell and aftertaste of synthetic flavors really bother me, only synthetic flavoring pros I see is no off gassing and much less steeping time. I do 3 -6 months with organics. Nature’s Flavors is great, diacetyl free is available, but only the fruit (low natural occuring) are yummy. Custard and Toffee diacetyl free were nasty, but the 2 most best standard organic extracts.

    CODE LotusFlavors15
    I am going ahead and getting the vanilla and one other flave. Hopefully some one can give me some direction before I press thee send button. If not I will get a custard :slight_smile:


@underanne you are welcome. if you ever get the flaves it take to make the 18 you should do it you will not regret it. I really like the mares tail and not because it is my recipe. Anywho, you can adjust the hazelnut to your liking and you can use your favorite in place of mine if you wish. All of this you already know. have fun. peace out


My vanilla from Lotus (MF) just arrived. yay. So start at 1%? I have decided to get a MF flavor like once or twice a month. I was thinking raspberry next. Any suggestions?


I am not The Kustard King Ken but have made his Simple Custard a time or three. In his recipe and the ones I have used Lotus (MF) Vanilla,the starting percentage is .05%.
Here is his recipe.

Simple Custard

Ingredient %
Caramel (CAP) 2
Cheesecake (LA) 2
Vanilla (MF) 0.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 5

Flavor total: 9.5%

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Dan I know you didn’t ask me but, well, I’m answering anyway :slight_smile:

1% is not overbearing or “too” much, but it will be fairly strong and somewhat heavy. But it will still be nice an very evident in your mix. I agree with @BoyHowdy, start at 0.5%. Thing is it takes this flavor a long time to steep out. A month to two for it to blossom. But once it does it’s the very best vanilla IMHO.


@BoyHowdy @SthrnMixer; Thank you gentleman !! I think I will get the caramel next. If MF is as good as evey one say’s i’ll get one a month


You will love the caramel. Then you need to grab the butterscotch!!!

If you want to get some really good info I think @pro_vapes probably has more working knowledge of MF flavors than anyone else on here. He’s got quite a lot of them.