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Custard Lover ( I think I will marry it )


Yes, for the VG I use 12% for a single flavor. For the SC I use 2% mostly. Obviously less in mixes. But the VG versions are pretty weak, the VG just sucks as a flavor carrier :frowning:


Yea I for one haven’t had that much luck with the RF VG flavours I have probably ten and they are ok stand alone Bread pudding I get a plastic taste from
I like the keylime pie and the coconut pie
But taste is subjective
When mixing them it really wasn’t there
Also the caramel VG was pretty good
Are you using the extracts


I only have 5 or so of the extracts. I am using up my old VG ones before buying, don’t like to waste. But I am loving the extracts.


6% or else its … yucky too high, not full enough below 3%


I will try That thanks


I put VC in everything. I order it in large bottles lol


You a cap V1 user? I’m ordering some of that one today


Well, I think a lot of people here might tell you 70% of their recipes have some in it.

Go here:


Then go here:

Go down to the recipes, and tap the ratings button. It’s in every very popular recipe.



Smartest move you’ll ever make :yum: Good enough to drink imo lol


But don’t. (ha)


I question at times if it’s the nic I’m addicted to or the Capella Vanilla Custard, quite frankly.

Edit: This is not a paid advertisement for Capella.


Lol. I guess I am the odd duck. Only a handful of my mixes have vanilla custard cap.


How do you do it?


Custard fa. Custard inw. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mostly Vienna cream FA or fresh cream FA or a Bavarian cream or sweet cream.


I like the sweet cream. Vienna cream burns up my coils, maybe I use too much?


Not sure if you use to much. I’m normally low percents on FA. 1-2


@Kinnikinnick I JUST picked up the INW Custard and mixed up a few single mixers to test. I normally let custards steep for at least a few weeks, but this one smelled so good, had to break into one after a few days. Realizing it’s very fresh, I like it a lot. It’s a little more eggy than others, but not in a bad way. Pretty damned good after a few days, and can’t wait to see where it’s going to go.

I’m one of the weirdos that can’t vape Cap VC because of a note I pick up in it, which sucks, because I love custard. Been using TPA Custard for quite a while and love it for perspective. Hard to say so early on with the INW Custard, but even after a few days it’s really good. Somewhat like TPA but more eggy. Will report back.


I am one of those that prefer TPA Custard over CAP. I dont dislike CAP and use it in my custards but as a complimentary addition to TPA Custard. I just picked up the INW and RF SC to do some testing. Are you using the INW at the same % as you use TPA?


Less on inw. Alittle. In general and depending on what your doing. Like if your using it to supplement a cream 0.5-1% is good or even 0.25%


Right off hand, I’d say that sounds like you are vaping 20% custard. Wow. No man… The amount of custard in a mix is usually less than 5%. I don’t vape custard all by itself either. Maybe find a recipe with SOME custard in it and some of something else like cream or fruit or cake or donut or caramel.