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Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)


done 10char


@woftam @CallMeTut @Beaufort_Batches @Pro_Vapes @GalacticResidue @Lolly


@heatho72 @Warbstar @Silhouette @CountryLivin @netweight


hope you will know more about us on ELR,thank you :grinning:


no problem


Hope you will have good time with 3avape in the coming days


:joy: you know 3avape now,I have confidence that you will recommend us when you know more about 3avape:rofl:


:kissing_heart: thank you for recommending and sharing


haha you will like 3avape when you know more about us.


Why are you called “3avape?” Was 1 and 2 taken? But really. I’m intrigued now.


Friends, we need several more ppl (6) before tomorrow playing this game. A 24mm Goon is a fantastic prize. please tag more of your friends to come play.
@Jeff_dragon @Maureeenie @BoDarc @Pattie @Kinnikinnick @Pentine


Do i know 3avape?
Definitely do.
Would I recommend you to a friend?
Hell yes.


Pick a product you like on 3avape.


Like our Facebook page, another amazing giveaway is waiting for you there.
Done :white_check_mark:


Tag your vaping friends from this forum, as many as you can.
@MisterSinner @CosmicTruth @SthrnMixer @Pro_Vapes @ozo @wvsanta @quitter1 @Rob62 @Beaufort_Batches @bluenose63


Hmm. We need acouple more folks. Remember…if you don’t want the prize you are welcome to gift it to me…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s what I have done in the past when I won but didn’t want the gift.

Just reply if you have used 3avape and would you recomend them. @Mark_Turner @Pro_Vapes @Edgard_Castro @qik @becka_moonstorm @Linas_Vytuvis @yves59
@pebbles @worm1 @fidalgo_vapes


Is that 230 entries they need ?


Sorry read that wrong. :roll_eyes:[quote=“Pattie, post:121, topic:148910, full:true”]
Is that 230 entries they need ?


Only 30 particepaints I think.


Where are the participants dammit lol