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Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)

  1. I do.
    a. I always reward companies who treat their customers like family via word of keyboard advertising.

  2. http://www.3avape.com/thinkvape-finder-167-tc-box-mod.html

  3. I h8 fbook

  4. Hey all, this one needs some help, please jump in so that there can be a wiener!


I am here! I kind of stopped entering the giveaways but I will start back.

  1. I first heard of 3avape here!
    If you provide good and fast service I will recommend you to my friends

  2. http://www.3avape.com/asvape-lucifer-240w-mechanical-box-mod.html

  3. I don’t have a Facebook acct.

  4. @Saxon2 @Lolly @Skullblade789 @woftam @VapeyMama @fidalgo_vapes @GalacticResidue


No, but im checking it out now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Done…on my husbands fb
@GalacticResidue @lolly @woftam @Ken_O_Where @Sprkslfly @JoJo @Silhouette


Fine I’m entering.

  1. No I don’t know 3 avape


2 pick a product you like


3 no Facebook
@Underanne @Mew @TheTinMan1 @woftam @Skullblade789 @VapeyMama


1.Do you know 3avape?(Yes/no) No, have only heard of you here.

Will you recommend 3avape to your friends? I can suggest but not recommend until I’ve placed and received a few orders.


2.Pick up one product you like on 3avape.com13,and share the link here.



3.like our facebook page,another amazing giveaway is waiting for you there.
no facebook


4.Tag your vaping friends from this forum,as many as you can.

@Stafylidis_Vladimiro @Curious_Cappybara @Hasan3


Dude, you can tag anyone you want. Nobody, or at least me, would mind


:joy::rofl: not sure if 1 and 2 taken,but 3Avape is committed to be the most loved and trusted online vaping store by offering a wide selection of A+ quality products at A+ prices and A+ Customer Service.A+ means top level in China.


Flicka is here :rofl:
I I’m familir with 3avape,and love it.
2.Like all stuff on it.
3.have liked the page and will have a look at the page every day :joy:
4.thank you all for supporting 3avape.


I think the participant are enough now after Flicka is in.
Time to annouce the winner!!!
Here is the participants list,because I have comments so many on this topic,and I don’t want to be the winner,have worked hard on picking up all the name and make this more fair for your guys.



Congratulation to the luck winner @Gambit117
Please PM for shipping details,thank you.
and Hope you all enjoy your weekend.


Congrats Gambit117 and thank you 3avape for the comp.


Next giveaways will be on here soon,there are three choice,you all can choose next prize by yourselves:
I will decide the prize according to voice here.
1.528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA- 24mm (Authentic)

2.Geek Vape GBOX S100 TC Squonker BF Box Mod

3.Geek Vape AEGIS 100W TC Box Mod