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Dan the Mans giveaway of the Recurve RDA


Did you hear about the gay cowboy? Rode into town and shot up the sheriff!



I knownits the shittiest joke i know except for. What has wings and sucks blood? …always ultra. (sorry) xx







How many vapers does it take to change a light bulb?
3, one to recoil it, one to review it, and one to make a video tutorial.




One of the scant FEW blond jokes that revolved around a man (that cracked me up)


This is one of my favorites :rofl:





Not sure if this one is perhaps a bit too dirty for this section of the forum, so I’m placing it in spoilers, read at you own risk :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A white couple is having a baby at the hospital.
After a while the baby’s head finally appear, and it is … black as coal.
The husband screams out, OMG darling … have you had sex with a black man???
With the proof right there for everybody to see, she reluctantly admits that she has indeed cheated on him with a black man.
After a while the rest of the baby gets out, and from the neck down it is as yellow as a lemon.
OMG that husband once again cries out, don’t tell me that you have also been together with an Asian!
Well she can’t really deny it, so once again she admits her infidelity.
The nurse then takes the baby, gives it a slap in the bottom so it starts crying.
In a sigh of relief the wife then says, Phew … for a moment I was afraid the baby was going to bark.

[mike drop]




Pussy too high



How do you put those “spoilers” on?


As simple as [ spoiler ] hidden text [ /spoiler ] without the space of course.


Awesome, thanks!! I feel like I should fucking cuss, or some other nefarious type thingy