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Dan the Mans giveaway of the Recurve RDA


If u highlight what u want blurred by left click/drag, then hit the options “…” ,blur spoiler, it does it for ya. Thks @IzNoGoat love learning new tools to use.


( . )( . )

Wow, Today, I learned something new.


you should try chatting up @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.



Including drippers…




Looking for funny memes and this pops up… with this ad under it…



On my way to beddy by. So, there was no way I could pick the funniest, and I was wanting to do something different.

Next time I’ll do something else. This time, I took all the ones I thought funny and rolled the die.

@Sprkslfly congratulations, you are the new owner of a mediocre RDA. PM me and we will work out the details

Thanks every body for participating. It was fun, I really enjoyed myself


Well thank you!!

I enjoyed most of the entries as well man! Very cool idea to mix things up. :thumbsup:


congratulations @Sprkslfly I hope you enjoy the new RDA :slight_smile:
Thank you @Dan_the_Man once again for the giveaway. Have a good night :slight_smile:


is still hard to give up one of your 'children", thks so much for the contest and all were fun to “read”


Thank you!
I’m excited, and obviously very much looking forward to seeing how it goes! :smiley:


Congrats! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this RDA.


Congrats @Sprkslfly!! Thanks @Dan_the_Man!


Congratulations @Sprkslfly and thanks for the giveaway @Dan_the_Man, nice to see a giveaway that is a bit different from all the others and I always love a good joke.


congrats and ty @Dan_the_Man


Congrats @Sprkslfly! Hope it’s to your liking.
Thanks @Dan_the_Man, for a fun contest. Don’t know about everyone else, but I needed some continuous laughter.


… and here I thought I was unique and the only person in the world to think of that name