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Ok don’t shoot me when there is a toppic for this already but did a search and nothing came up :wink:

Since we all vape (for as far as i know :wink: ), i have read alot on real side efects of vaping wich for some pepole a few. Tough what i generaly hear alot is dehydration.
As you vape apperently your body will not absorb as much water then i could when your not vaping due to molecules that come togetter ect ect …
Meaning you need to drink more water to keep the levels up.

So how about it, you guys drink more water then usual due to vaping?

I do my best to drink more water then usual but with these cold days it easely is changed to more coffee.
For me its a bit hard to keep on a regime with water but then again i do have minor issues with it (dry skin i blame the cold weather).

Thx for sharing :+1:


Not quite sure this is correct, I alway thought it was because the vapour is hygroscopic it removed moisture from your lungs.

I any case yes I do drink a lot more water than I used to


Now that you mention it, I reckon I do drink more water than I use to.


Remember when i started to vape i did drank more then ise to, now my skin got better by cutting off cig… as up to now i dont feel any dryness at all!


Definately need more water. I found i experience mouth and throat ulcers frequently if i dont.


You’re nearly right!
It’s the PG that is hygroscopic so it actually dries all the water molecules up… The higher the PG the higher the dehydration, Partly responsible is the VG as well. the combination of the two?? We have to drink more water…


Perfect cheers mate


I haven’t really noticed that I drink more, buuuut…I am what us Brits would call a “tea belly” - I’ve almost always got a cup of tea near me at all times (apart from bed time when I can drink a pint of Vimto by the time I wake - again, did this prior to starting vaping).


Gotta love a cup of tea :+1:


I mix around 50/50, the most 70/30 vg/pg, and i chain vape. If i forget to drink water… Well, i couldnt forget to drink water, because i’m thirsty all the time now.


For me its about the same, i do not know but i might start drinking more, thing is i do not notice anything up to this point …


Might be indeed a better option then all the coffee’s i consume :innocent:


I usualy mix at 20/80 pg/vg, maybe better that i need to make a habbit of drinking more water :astonished:


I’ve never done this while i was smoking, but now i keep a bottle of water everywhere i go. A bit of a burden, but beats drinking sweets all the time.


True there :wink:


So if you have pneumonia then you need to vape more high vg stuff? I always have a liter or so of water with me in the truck cause I chain vape like a fiend


Me too, at this cold days I drink more coffee. Coffee contain water so IMO is the same as drinking water for my body. But yes I drink water too, just not so much.


Yes extra water is very important.

My cup next to my old setup.


Looks like you’ve got it covered.


For years doctors have wanted us to drink more water. Now we find out all they had to do was introduce us to vaping.

Introduce us to vaping and without even thinking about it we all drink more water…

Edit: oh yea