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I still have to think about it! When I don’t drink enough, it’s pretty obvious for me anyway. The ol’ skin-robot lets me know soon enough.


In the US we ALL have giant Stainless Steel double wall vacuum insulated cups that hold like 30oz (1L) :sunglasses: I personally like what I call Cran-water. Maybe 5 ice cubes (lasts all day in my SS cup) with 20oz Water and 6oz of cranberry juice. Plain water is boring :wink: 'Murica! Of course these would also keep a nice Tripel chilled all evening.


Hmm we have about the same tough i indeed never came up to add some juice in there… Might also be an option :wink: thx for the share :metal:


Same here… I drink a lot more and I do mean a lot. Since vaping, I almost always have a dry throat nearly to the point where it’s very annoying.

What I’ve read about it is that mainly PG is responsible for that effect but my personal experience with max VG or even 100% VG doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

I won’t say I’m getting dry skin or noticing any dehydration effects but especially my throat has a tough time with it.


[Reptilian brain stem gains control of data entry point]

On Water…
Body sez "I need waterz"
Brain sez, "…but it’s downstairs?"
Legs say. "Damn right!"
Body sez, "You’re Fired Legs!"
Legs roll eyez, "Good luck with that Biotch! …ok okaaay jeez"
Kidneys say, “er, don’t forget a splash o’ Cran”.
Liver sez "Ooo Oo and a splash o’ Vodka!"
Brain goez "hmmm…"
Legs say "Damn right!"
Kidneys say "Seriously? I’m restin’ here!"
Body settles the matter, “Liver! STFU! …everybody? Let’s try and keep it together, K? …and Legs? Move our ass! Cran-water STAT”


i always have a bottle of water with me , i started doing that after i lost my taste due to vaping so yes i make sure i drink while vaping especially while driving ( i hate dry mouth )


Legs says “ body stfu ! kidney’s say they’re resting so we’re going to rest also. Don’t want to be flooded again”


Daaaaaamn. She actually let’s you get away with calling her that? :wink:


Omg I just snorted. :joy: Glad I didn’t have a drink in my mouth!


PG and VG are both hygroscopic. Drink water (you should anyway) and you’ll be fine.

I think it’s also important to note you don’t really have to worry about extreme dehydration unless of course you don’t eat or drink anything. If you’re sick and running a high fever just do what you already would, up your fluid intake.


I get very dry mouth and throat from vaping. Started to use Biotene spray and it worked very well but after a week developed and allergy I think because my lips became irritated with mild swelling so had to stop.

Now I always drink plenty of Gatorade and water 50/50 mix which helps a lot.


I vape a lot. MTL high PG, and DL high VG, and drink a little more water, but I didn’t find the need to start drinking gallons or anything. Drink more water, you’ll be fine.


Ok now that’s something I hadn’t considered specifically. I have to look that up, esp. since I quit smoking for lung health.

Me, too. I’ve always drank quite a bit of water, and now I guzzle a pint at a time. Recently vaping high PG and dry mouth is severe.

This is important to address. We obviously all choose what we think is best based on what info we have but coffee is definitely a diuretic, as is alcohol (dehydration a main element of hangover), tho they work on different body chemicals and organs.

I researched a lot while training for distance swim events and teaching triathletes, who actually use salt tablets in rolls like LifeSavers to retrain fluids. I only ever saw a nutritionist recommend coffee when drank with < or = parts soy milk.

I understand there is research, which I highly respect, but am always skeptical bc its hard to decipher what companies or organizations fund it and for what purpose, especially when consumer opinion is swayed.

For me, the undeniable evidence is noticing how frequently I urinate and the darkness of it in the toilet. I’m beginning to reconsider whether my dark urine is more from vaping than cooler temperatures and less need to rehydrate after sweating during the rest of the year.

Not to hammer on, but while looking through a few articles and writing my post, I had an extra cup of coffee (yum) and am now squirming to finish because I need to pee (again). Third time so far after two cups and one of water. I’d say I’m back at zero for the day, frankly. Plus, dry mouth from vaping and a big meal that also must be digested too.

Combined with vaping we all need to drink LOTS of water!

Continuing the discussion about dehydrating effects of vaping is important. I hadn’t expected to vape as much and as long as I have until I got deeper into recipes. I’m concerned most about my health and want to make informed decisions based on ways respiratory function could be affected.

I know this is part of a bigger conversation about harm reduction. If anyone would like to point me to well-known resources instead, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


I definitely drink more water. The bad thing about the winter where I live is the air is extremely dry. I can’t vape any dry recipes. My sweet spot is 75/25 VG/PG.


Good subject this, but beware the hyponatremia :sweat:
especially if you exercise in hot weather


That does it

I’m going to enjoy everything I eat , drink or vape. Because everything is toxic

Even water

Water is considered as one of the least toxic


I’m still trying to get to the bottom of this debate…


Adding 3% distilled water really helps me with dehydration, in general i do seem to be more “dry” than before i started vaping, but that could be old age kicking in as well.


Can I have some of whatever water you’re drinking? That is some funny stuff right there!


When I first contracted VD (vape-dehydration), someone advised me to not vape in the morning until after I drank a bottle of water, and then drink a bottle every two hours. It actually did a lot of good for the throat, mouth, nasal passages and skin. One of the top 10 best pieces of vape-advice I ever got.