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Lemme know when your on it @SessionDrummer
I am to addicted to the coffee in the mornings :grin::metal:


Never tryed adding water into my mixes yet, might also be an option and worth a test ! Thx for the share :+1:


I think its pretty common, i mix max vg and it also helps thin the juice and its a flavor carrier as well.


I don’t know if it’s from vaping or the 6 weeks in the hospital this summer from kidney stones, but, I definitely drink a lot more water.


I noticed the difference by the first week I started vaping. I always had a drink with me anyway but now I sip it more often although its rarely water. I do decaf ice tea (yeah yeah yeah its not the same, but I dont care tbh) It works for me.
I chain vape a lot and when I do my need to drink is much greater


Same here Lexie, thing is i do drink alot altough its also basicly never water, mostly some soda or coffee, tough when i keep this up, i dunno if thats for a good thing if i do not switch to water soon…


I drink this because its smart…

I’m afraid the regular water might make me dumber.

But then I thought, those guys making so much money selling plain bottled water, they are smarter?


I wonder if those people selling plain bottled water had to drink smartwater to get the idea how to get rich selling water? Wonder If I could get rich selling chlorinated tap water?


Hmm maybe you could call it “I can’t believe it’s just tap water”

But then again Evian backwards tells a story too.


To promote the veracity of their product they should print recipes on the label …like, say Ice.


Mineral water recipe:
Add 1 pinch of salt, shake well.

Ice Recipe:
Pour in ice tray and place in freezer 2 hours.


Clearly you’ve been drinking this stuff… Stay Hydrated!


I have a lot of issues staying hydrated and carry a 1L water bottle everywhere. What works better than water or gatorade for me is coconut water. Some people dont like the flavor, but I do. . .except for the one that have inexplicably added coconut flavoring.


WTH? Someone thought to add coconut flavoring to Coconut Water?! Pretty sure we could get Ken_O to drop one on their front porch …and I don’t mean a coconut! :smirk:


I wish sold that smart water where i live :wink:


You can make something similar, filter tap water and add a pinch of salt. if you want to go all out make a still to create "vapor distilled water"

then add a pinch of salt


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My personal go to hydration is Aquafina and Gatorade. Always recycle my bottles