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Digital Scales


Thinking of getting into mixing by weight since that seems to be the method of choice now of days. Can some of you vets out there recommend a good scale to purchase? Leave a link if possible please. Thanks


Just asked the same question not long ago.



@SthrnMixer thanks but don’t I want a scale that measures down too hundredths of a gram? This one states it measures in .1g increments.


This is what I have and works great


Yes you do. I grabbed the wrong link. I can’t seem to remember to wear my glasses :slight_smile:

It’s the one many of us here use including myself. Works great.

Edit - linked wrong dang scale again. Got it right this time.


Ok thanks. I will check it out


10-4, just make sure you notice I edited my second reply as I screwed up a second time. The link shown now is the one I meant from the start.


The second link posted by @SthrnMixer is one that a majority of us have used. it’s small, works great, and is excellent on battery power. I might suggest checking ebay out as well. I purchased mine for about 10.00 and FS.


I have the same one as you, Santa. I iike the fact it doesn’t auto-shutoff while It’s plugged in.


That is one of the features I wanted for sure in a scale


I have the etekcity one. You can turn off the auto shut off. Doesn’t plug in, but the batteries seem to last for quite awhile. It’s worked for me.

You’ll probably wind up with one of the two posted, just have to decide your price point and the features you want/don’t want.

American Weigh LB 501
Plugs in
No auto shut off when plugged in
Comes with calibration weights
About $22
Larger/heavier than Etekcity

or Etekcity 500g
No plug in
Default auto-off, but can be changed to 1, 2, or 3 minutes or turned off
Lighter/more compact
No calibration weights included
About $17


Is there an option in ELR to convert ml to gms?


Go too your preferences page and change it from ml to grams.


Change it from drops to grams - ml will still be there regardless :smiley:


Both scales are good. I have the etekcity scales. Not had any problems with it.


Wow, i also have the etekcity digital weight scale which also have any problem with them


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