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What scale do you use to mix?



What is the scale that you use?
Looking for some recommendations. I know that a lot of mixers use the AWS LB-501 but it is a little bit expensive for me right now. Trying to cut down on the start up cost if I can help it.

Does anyone use anything else? If so, please give some feedback on it.
Thanks all.

Digital Scales
Digital Scales
Digital Scales

I use these, they are a great little scale, the downside is they turn off by themselves so you have to be quick with each step.


I use this scale. PAIN to work with…

joke :rofl:


Ya using babies instead of grams could prove challenging


Calibration is difficult as hell!


Probably not the most accurate scale in the world but works for me. So long as you dont need them in a hurry (being from slowtech), these are an excellent buy!


I use this one


I use the LB-501 as well. Advantages are it comes with calibration weights and doesn’t auto shut off when using the AC adapter instead of batteries. Unless you are in a hurry to get one, check the Amazon price daily, I’ve seen them for as low as $25 and still on Prime for the free shipping.


Smart Weigh Culinary Kitchen Scale 10kg x 0.01g, Digital Food Scale with Dual Weight Platforms
this is the same company as above scale. You can turn off the auto power function.


Whoa! I just looked it up, but only up to 300g at a 0.01g precision (right side)
and 10kg at 1.0g precision (left side)

I have a cheap $13 scale from some DIY shop. Found the same make/model on FastTech for $8. It works, but leaves a lot to be desired.




I 2nd the LB501


Yeah… I’ll 3rd that… they look good


I was just going to say the same thing-@Kenbu, it’s a really good scale, and worth every penny. That being said, I got mine from Amazon for around $24 on Prime. If you’re wanting to save some dough, use a price-watcher like camelcamelcamel orKeepa. It might take a little while to get, tho…


LB-501 here as well. Used a dope scale from the Convenience Store to start with. Lol Couldn’t wait for Amazon to start with.


Bump bump!
Whose got the best digital scale???
Sure some of y’all have some dooseys!
Anybody got a ULINE ?
let’s see some pics!


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IMO LB-501 hands down.


The LB-501 Digital Scale is what I got and have been using it for the past 5 or 6 months, but, it isn’t that accurate I dont feel. I have calibrated it time and again and it always says pass, but it doesnt measure down to 0.01g it doesnt even register a single drop of flavoring. It doesnt start actually reading the weight until ice added 2-4 drops at around 0.04-0.05. And the weight fluctuates so badly every time I take it on ever flavoring and on my bases. I’m a bit OCD so I have to find a better scale that actually measures down to the 0.01g and is a bit more accurate. I just dont want to invest 30, 40 or 50 dollars on a scale that I’m not sure is gonna be worth it or do what I need it to. Does anyone have any NEWER suggestions on new better more accurate scales? Thabk you in advance for your input.


They dont tend to read the initial small amounts but peps have worked around its flaws. You can add the larger amounts of flavorings first and simply dont tare and do the math or some have good results w/ blowing on it to trick it into registering. There is a nice discussion posted here : Great Scale You need this one Gl to u!