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Diketones, Oils, Sugars, GMO – All-in-one page: FA, TPA, FLV, CAP, FW, LB, etc


hmmm I vapes 20-30ml per day , my ejuice has 7% Vanilla Custard v1 CAP and 2% sweet cream CAP , some ejuice has butter cream at 1-2%
should I be concern because I vape to 30ml a day ?
but I know I was smoke one pack a day , it is very worse …


i would assume they did that bc those who use the v2 care about that info and those who use v1 simply dont care


can this image make me not concern ?


I don’t think it’s so very black and white. There are those who don’t care about diketones and there are those who want to avoid them; but there are also lots of vapers who simply want to reduce the risk (avoiding only flavors with high amounts of baddies/goodies).

And there are also those who believe the Right-to-know is something that needs to be supported, especially in vaping, food, chemical, environmental etc industries. I am one of those and i personally respect the company much more if they reveal those info publicly than a company that is trying to hide those info from the customers eyes (as they say for the GMO, label it if you are so proud on your product).

Personally i don’t care about diketones in my juices unless they are truly extraordinary (like Butter tfa or Cake Butter cap) and no info makes you wonder how many baddies/goodies are in that particular flavor. Regarding Capella i was pleasantly surprised with VC1 test results; there are high amounts of AP, but nothing extraordinary (same level as vbic tfa or vc tfa); much lower than expected. I use VC1 a lot since it can’t be replaced, same as vbic tfa and vic lb and i’m glad Capella released at least some information (gained some respect, but still far far away from tfa, flv and other transparent companies who respect their customers and consumers Right-to-know).


These guys appear to be legit, although their tests have a cut off level of 5ppm.https://umbavape.com/pages/precision-crafting-umba

Just bought a bunch of their samples and gave me a code for friends


Thank you @threeheavens! I will add their info soon. I wonder how good their coffee is.



  • Umba Vape
  • Vape Organics (Pure Organic Vapors)

Find more info in the top post.


I’ll let you know about the coffee, and anything that I really like. I bought the 3 sample packs each one contains 4 flavors for a total of $22.96 shipped. Hopefully 1 of those can make a new all day vape, I have 2 home made ADV but it’s not enough.

Thanks again Mikser for putting this thread together

Edited-for clarity
Noticed “Chill” was not tested and “True” apparently contains diketones.


Thx mate. I really appreciate it. I updated the information.


FA Update

FA finally provided some fresh lab test reports.

Delivering some great news for diketone concerned vapers AND also some great news for our diketone addicted vapers.

Hint: Butter and Premium Custard have absolutely the highest levels of Diacetyl among all flavors of the compared 50+ companies. No doubt some will go crazy about these flavors. :astonished: :astonished:

Find updated FA information in the first post.

Have a wonderful 2018!


I wanted to just toss this out there. We wanted to be one of the leaders out there in testing and verified amounts of ingredients. Because of this, we are launching a new label that will have the exact testing results on the bottle, website, and even on click able results on your invoice.

EVERY batch of flavoring is tested!

This label is still in beta and will be out by Feb 1st