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Diketones, Oils, Sugars, GMO – All-in-one page: FA, TPA, FLV, CAP, FW, LB, etc



(i had to split the post due to space limitation).
Less and no transparent companies below. All the info about the most transparent companies is in the main post - see PART I.

CAP – Capella

:blush: Capella Flavor Drops use no Sugar, Splenda, Saccharine, Aspartame, Caffeine, Sodium, Potassium Sorbate or Animal ingredients of any kind.
:blush: They provide DAAP testing results for most of their flavors in an easy-to-read format, but…
:rage: …their provide very limited DAAP information for their v1 flavors
:rage: You may want to avoid Super Sweet - more info here
:no_mouth: They say ‘We do not use Diacetyl in ANY of our flavorings’.


Info about their diketone-free flavors is here

You can check higher amounts of ingredients in their v1 flavors here (including Butyric Acid and other). Bad news is that they released only information they had to due to legal reasons and not as an information for their customers. (hiding levels of ingredients below 10.000ppm for example; absolutely no information about Acetoin levels in any of their v1 flavorings). It is a bad practice and not very customer friendly, but still better than dozens of other manufacturers who are hiding all the information (why not releasing the DAAP information in an easy-to-read format for customers like they did for their v2 flavors???)


DEL – Delosi (Nicotine Labs)

:blush: They don’t add Sweeteners, Colors, Stabilizers or Preservatives.
:blush: There is an information about A/AP on their NicotineLabs website…
:rage: … but there is ZERO information about diketones on the official Delosi website
:no_mouth: None of their flavors have added Diacetyl.
:no_mouth: Only seven of their flavors contain A/AP (and they say they are in process of removing A/AP from these remaining 7 flavors)
:rage: No testing reports, no info about what their Not Detected (ND) limit was

Find more info at nicotinelabs.com or delosi.com

FW – Flavor West

:blush: They don’t hide levels of A/AP in their flavors
:blush: They provide additional info about other ingredients in their flavors, such as Triacetin, Ethanol, artificial coloring
:no_mouth: They don’t use diacetyl anymore (based on independent lab testings)
:no_mouth: High levels of Acetoin in some flavors
:rage: Bad reputation for lying about diacetyl in their flavors a few years ago
:rage: They use syrup and sugars in many of their flavors (more info here)

My opinion: Other flavor companies use questionable ingredients yet do not get near the heat that Flavor West does. Regardless of the past, after FW published their reports and changed their flavors i could say i trust them more than companies, who don’t release any info about their flavors publicly.

Listed are ONLY flavours with more than 10,000 ppm (>1%) of Acetoin.

You can find more info about flavorings with diketones here.

OSDIY – One Stop Flavors

:rage: Flavors were analysed only for D & AP, but not for Acetoin
:rage: Their lab test reports are 3 years old.


Note: Shown are only flavors with more than 100 ppm of D/AP.

More info is here.

VF - VaporFi

:no_mouth: All VaporFi e-liquids are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl Free
:blush: Extensive lab test reports about their flavors
:rage: No information about Acetoin
:blush: All of their products contain “Lot Numbers” so that all of their products can be traced to their origins.

Their website is here. Thx @threeheavens

PUR Purilum

:no_mouth: All Purilum flavors are DAAP-free
:rage: No lab reports + no DAAP information on their own website
:blush: A member of AEMSA


FR Flavor Revolution

:no_mouth: All their flavors are DAAP free
:rage: No lab reports and no their own website.


INW - Inawera

:no_mouth: All their flavors are D-AP free
:no_mouth: Only a few of their flavors contain some Acetoin (Custard contains 1.000-10.000ppm of Acetoin)
:rage: No testing reports provided on their not frequently updated website
:rage: No helpful information on their website about ingredients used, coloring, sweeteners, etc.

One of the most popular companies SHOULD be more transparent and customer friendly!


HS - Hangsen

:no_mouth: All Hangsen flavors are D-AP free
:rage: No testing reports provided on their website
:blush: Huge. More than 1000 employees worldwide. 1000+ flavors. More than 4 mio bottles produced every month and a lot of testings…
:rage: …but sadly, while probably great for business partners, they are one of the worst examples of non-transparent companies for customers.

Other flavors such as French Vanilla Ice Cream or Australian Chocolate don’t contain DAAP.


AL - AtmosLab

:no_mouth: They say their flavors do not contain any D/AP…
:rage: …but they don’t provide any lab test reports on their website and no information about Acetoin is found.
:blush: Their eliquids, bases and flavours that do not contain any allergens and are gluten free, sugar free, GMO free and Nitrosamine-free.
:blush: Their Tobacco e-liquids are Pesticides free.
:blush: They work closely with Toxicology Labs of Medical School in University of Thessaly and Crete and they regularly perform toxicological analysis that go far beyond standard examination (TSNA, PAH, heavy metals, pesticides).
:blush: They use only the purest raw materials, far beyond pharma grade purity: VG (99.9%), PG (99.7%) and nicotine (99.9%)

Atmos Lab is the first ecig manufacturer in the world performed Chemical Analysis for Pesticides’ Residue in Eliquids with Tobacco flavours and all their Tobacco Flavoured Eliquids are Pesticides free.

NV - NicVape

:no_mouth: They say their e-liquid flavors are D-AP free.
:rage: No information about Acetoin in their flavors
:blush: Customers have an access to NicTrace™, a lot/batch number tracking system, where they can view view all lab analysis and testing results (CoA) from an independent (third-party) certified laboratory.

More info on their website.

LA – LorAnn (Lauren)

:blush: They provide information which flavorings contain nut and dairy allergens
:no_mouth: No public reports yet, but they say they are not adding any Diacetyl to their flavors
:rage: Several flavors contain oils, which are very bad for vaping.
:rage: Several flavors contain artificial colorings, which are best to avoid.

Be sure to check this table (note: it’s not LorAnn’s official and several flavors are missing here).

DV – Decadent Vapours

:no_mouth: NO Diacetyl and NO Acetyl Propionyl in any of their 150+ flavors
:rage: NO information about Acetoin in their flavors

More info on their website.

Note: They had their lab test reports shown on their website, but they removed them (Aug 2017). I assume they are preparing new transparent information about DAAP levels in their flavors for their customers.

VV – Kai’s Virgin Vapor

:blush: They say their e-liquids do not contain any artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives.
:blush: Their e-liquids are also vegan, GMO-free and contain no sugar or gluten.
:no_mouth: They say their flavors do not contain any D/AP…
:rage: …but they don’t provide any lab test reports.
:rage: We have no idea how much Acetoin is in any of their flavors.

Info on their website is confusing. They say ‘‘Always insist on laboratory testing rather than relying on a flavor manufacturer’s word’’, but they themselves do not provide any lab testing reports publicly, even thought they say “We have Certificates of Analysis showing all of our flavors to be free of these (DAAP) compounds with a detection limit of 0.1 parts per million”. Why don’t they publicly release their lab results showing zeros then?

More info on their website.

VO - Vape Organics (Pure Organic Vapors)

:no_mouth: All Vape Organics e-liquids are completely free of synthetic chemical additives like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl *.
:blush: All Vape Organics e-liquids are completely free of propylene glycol, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic chemical additives & pesticides.
:rage: They don’t provide any information about levels of Acetoin in their flavors.

*Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl can also be naturally-occurring and there are some traces in two of their flavors: Peanut Brittle and Mango Mystique have naturally-occurring levels of diacetyl below 5PPM and 10PPM, respectively.

Vape Organics is the first company to offer USDA certified organic e-liquid. Furthermore, Vape Organics produces the first and only certified organic nicotine, exclusive to their e-juice.

They exclusively use premium, natural extracts rather than artificial flavorings and the tobacco used in their e-juices was not cultivated with the use of any synthetic pesticides, including insect-killers, weed-killers and plant growth regulators.

GS – Get Sucred

:no_mouth: Their flavors do not contain any Diacetyl.
:blush: They say which flavors contain A and AP.
:blush: They provide information which flavors are artificial and which are natural.
:rage: They don’t provide any numbers and lab test reports.


:-1: The following companies you should avoid if you care about diketones. :-1:

They didn’t release any public report about diketones in their flavors, they either refuse giving any info or they say they will provide any MSDS sheets on a flavor if you email them (which is absolutely not enough; somehow i would rather see them publicly commit themselves with those reports, which they want to send me; also MSDS sheets often don’t give any information at all about DAAP levels).

:rage: . BF – Baker Flavors
:rage: . CC – Chef’s Choice
:rage: . CdD – Club der Dampfen
:rage: . CCW – CupCake World
:rage: . DIYFS – DIY Flavor Shack
:rage: . FE – Flavors Express
:rage: . GF – German Flavors
:rage: . HGD – Hangda
:rage: . JF – Jungle Flavors
:rage: . MF – Medicine Flower (Lotus Flavors)
:rage: . M&P – Mom and Pop’s
:rage: . NF – Nature’s Flavors
:rage: . SA – Solub Arome
:rage: . SAS – Sasami
:rage: . VT – Vape Train Australia
:rage: . VZ – Vaping Zone
:rage: . WF – Wonder Flavours



  • Purilum (PUR): Lab test reports found; info updated
  • Inawera (INW): Lab test reports found; info updated
  • Hangsen (HS): Lab test reports found; info updated
  • Nicotine River (NR): Newly added
  • VaporFi (VF): Newly added
  • Real Flavors (RF): levels of DAAP in their flavorings updated
  • Flavor Revolution (FR): info updated
  • FULL reports info added: for the most transparent companies; extensive information about chemicals used in their flavorings (not just DAAP info); extremely helpful info about possible allergens for many vapers
  • The main table updated and the main post split on two parts due to the limitation


Im super confused after reading this thread. I was expecting answers, not more questions…


What do you mean Laura5? Primarily it is about how transparent companies are about ingredients in their flavorings to their customers, so vapers can find the information they need, all in one place. It may me useful for:

  • those who want to avoid flavors that contain diketones
  • those who want to avoid Butyric Acid
  • those allergic to some chemicals
  • those who want to avoid certain chemicals, sugars, sweeteners, artificial coloring, etc

These vapers can’t find these information sorted in one place; if there is any other or better source, then please let me know.

But it’s not just them. The info here is also useful for basically any vaper, including professionals, who are looking for the information about specific flavors, searching for specific chemicals which they like or hate, or for example finding out what cream is muting their flavor - all those can find these info at one place now, with links provided (i’m not sure if many vapers knew there are full lab reports, just like for TPA in past, available for several other companies now, like Hangsen, INW, RF. I know many experienced vapers were searching those tpa info occasionally in the past).

But you’re right; this thread could be much more useful and interesting for many. Please help me with any advise about how to make this thread less confusing, more informational and overall better. You can also send me a PM. Thx for your reply.


This is more of a healthy debate thread, took me a while to get through. There is good info here, but the title is misleading, only because there is primarily debating about transparency and other such things. No offense or ill feelings meant to you or anyone


Thx Laura. :grinning:

I agree with the title; it could be more precise about transparency thing. I chose this title to be more visible for those are searching these kind of information (it sounds better than “A study about how transparent vaping companies are?” - who would be opening that, right?). Besides, the inside info is what’s important and that’s exactly about what title says and that’s what vapers are searching. Still, if you have any idea how to make the thread better (or anyone else), then please share it. Let’s make it better and more useful.