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Distilled Water


Well I think I’ll be doing some experimentation then. Perhaps a 75% VG, 5%ish DSW, 20% flavor. What you think? This would be for tanks…


Sounds like a plan. If you are mixing for tanks that have a tiny wicking system, you probably can’t go higher VG than 75% for the dry hit issue. I’ve been using tanks that have fairly large juice channels, so a high VG mix doesn’t really cause me issues; plus I don’t do 10 pulls in 30 seconds either. Not a cloud chaser.


Nor I, I tend to think clouds chase me, lol. I’m figuring if I’m able to do 70/30 unthinned then 75/5/20 should be a reality. Maybe not, we’ll see…


When I started this thread my issue was mixes that made me thirsty once I vaped it and I read somewhere DW could be use to add moisture to the mix so I wouldn’t get dry mouth when I vaped and it worked great. I’ve used as much as 8% DW in mixes and never really notice any flavor enhancements. More so what I got was a mix that less dryness and a better mouth feel.

Cure for dryish e-juice

Perhaps that was part of what myself and my buddy thought of as smoothness. I don’t think anyone is saying that distilled water is enhancing flavor. I will say that adding moisture to some mixes is a definite improvement. Well, I can’t find any snow here in Texas so I guess I’ll have to try some distilled water. Wish me luck…lol


I use r.o. Water in mine… always about 3%


What is R.O. Water?


Reverse osmosis


Ok guys, gals, today I play. I’m making up 3 recipes, never tried before so I don’t know how they will taste yet. I am making one of these recipes public so whoever wants to play, can. Both Versions will have 5% Distilled Water added as a PG flavoring so it will be deducted from the PG content. My objective is to smooth out and moisten flavor for a tank application however version 2 should work for subohm if there is not too much popping from Distilled Water. If so adjust for your preference with VG.

Nuts on the Barbie V1

Version 1 will have a 70% VG, 25% PG, 5% Distilled Water blend

Nuts on the Barbie V2

Version 2 will have a 75% VG, 20% PG, 5% Distilled Water blend

OK, I’m off to make some juices…


Good luck !


That’s a hell of a lot of hazelnut! Is it TPA?


Flavor West, shouldn’t be a problem. Been wanting something with heavy Hazelnut. Adjust to preference.


For the record, I can get a nice strong flavor from TPA Hazelnut with about 3 or 4%.


Just picked me up a gallon of DW on my way home from work. You guys got me interested lol


Ok guys, gals, shake and vape results are in. Tested on a magma single coiled at 1.4 ohms, our usual tester. I blended both ratio blends and we found a noticable difference between 70/25/5 and 75/20/5. Both seemed smoother than my usual blends but the 75/20/5 was real smooth. I’m sure added VG helped but I think less PG helped as well. As NewDrip says, I do indeed believe the DW adds moisture to the mix. The downside is that the flavor, though not a bad taste, was quite weak. I don’t think this blend would have been this weak in a normal blend. Soooooooo, I’m gonna let this batch steep for a week or 2. I had said I was gonna try 3 recipes, and I did. The other 2 were not this weak. Maybe it is too much hazelnut. Probably reformulate using stronger flavors since DW won’t carry the flavor as well as PG. I’m thinking as with most blends steeping will improve, maybe even strengthen flavor…

Couldn’t try on a normal tank today, didn’t have any to spare right now. Maybe later…

Also, I added the Flavor Company of the flavors I used. I’m used to knowing what I use, but you are not.


Seems odd the flavor being diluted, I’m real curious if the water or the added vg would be to blame. Anxious to know how this turns out.


Remember NewDrip, I said I made two other recipes that did not seem weak. Just this one. May just be this flavor combination. To look at the ingredients you see basically 18% of the flavor are flavors usually used only as accent flavors (Bavarian Cream, Hazelnut, Marshmallow). The raspberry used is a strong concentrate that usually I use at 4% but this time used 2% because I was wanting a strong Hazelnut taste with just a small amount of raspberry. The more I think about this recipe the more I think it is just a combination of no steep, high VG, DW, and mostly it’s flavor ingredients. Wouldn’t be the first blend I made that seemed weak on flavor, normal blends without DW at that…


Hi ringling I didn’t know you were running this study pretty interesting I myself for the last 2 weeks have been doing similar. I made a base w/ 100mg in 100% VG 10pg/ 10DW / 90 VG well at first it was awesome the best base I’d made in forever no harshness, it was moist and the flavors tasted great but 2 weeks later I went back and tried almost all the mixes and at 10% DW and all recipes were 20% the flavor was weak. I made a large base as well so I had to go back and add additional Nic/pg/VG back into it hoping I’ll rescue it. 10% way too much but I will say on some of the batches it was and is really good the more potent bakery flavors it did just fine on. I too am in search to decrease the Pg in the mixes, thin out the base but keep the flavor. So, I will be tunning in to see how yours is going. I think I will try at least a 5% but lesson learned I will only make 20mls of it not 75😩


ok I got it, thanx, I think I stopped reading at (“The downside is that the flavor, though not a bad taste, was quite weak.”) and started the reply. Over anxious I guess.


Ok, revised recipe to make a much stronger flavor (hopefully). Better be stronger because I am now trying 8% Distilled water. Here’s the recipe…

Distilled Blue Water V2

Mixed it up today and Still Weak. Removed all creams, ect. Will try again with version 2…