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Distilled Water


Just a quickie.

How come you’re using DW as a flavour when it can be added in the Vodka/water etc section of the recipe creator?



Hi J;

It deducts from the PG side if added as a flavor. I want to cut PG with this experiment and smooth the mix…

Also, link has changed to Distilled Blue Water, See above for Version 2…


Hey Ringling how are the batches doing ? Did you try any new ratios yet ? I believe u were going to attempt 8% last time …


Yes tried one 8%. and still weak I revised recipe and removed cream and added fruit. Link for this (V2) is above a few messages. I received vape mail Saturday and may have some stronger flavors to try.


Strawberry Ripe
Peach Juicy

Perhaps added to the FW Raspberry (Natural) which is very concentrated you might be able to taste something at 8% DS. I have a lot of shop blending this week. Not sure I’ll be able to play. If you have all these flavors and want to give it a go, please do and report your findings. I certainly wouldn’t complain if you wanted to help…


well i know 10% is wayyyy too much because that was my batches %. Yea I will do my best to help and not hurt lol. what flavors are do you have in mind and will it matter if the %'s are in the 18-20% area? I can do some small test batches with different DW % just let me know


Sounds good! 20% has been weak but don’t want to add PG. I’ve been doing a max VG (72%), the strongest flavor out of the three would most likely be TFA Peach Juicy…

8% Distilled Water
8% Peach Juicy TFA
6% Strawberry Ripe TFA
4% Raspberry Sweet TFA
2% Marshmallow FW

28% Total

You can sub Raspberry sweet with Raspberry natural FW. I have both. If you want to try a 5% DS Max VG you are welcome to…Thanks!


Distilled Blue Water V2 : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/164105/Distilled+Blue+Water+V2

4% Distilled water
1% Dragon Fruit (CAP)
2% Marshmallow (FW)
2% Pomegranate (TPA)
4% Waffle (TPA)
1% Wild Strawberry (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 14%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/1fD5

i adapted this one off your ex


hmm i think you need some inawera they are so darn strong i’m almost afraid to try this one i adapted off your example lol wild strawberry is still damn strong at 1drop per 10 mls so we’ll see. then i can try the other one I do have sweet raspberry, as well as raspberry ecx got all them. will give it a go !


Oops Ringling I did one the way you had it when I adapted. Figures the one I did w/o a " template " I messed up I just check VG max and added 2% hmm this isn’t the way you wanted I believe you wanted a 72% VG max right ?


Correct Amy. Keep in mind that for the figures to jive you have to call the DS a flavor and the PG button highlighted. It will then deduct the DS from the PG side of the mix…


For this project, probably so, or even FA, but I will be sticking with FW and TFA which I buy for my store. Can’t really branch out any further…


I know it I understand w/ your company n all its too costly overall for ya. Make sense but it stinks cuz those flavors will work I betcha.


So you mean the PG red bar needs to be highlighted then I have the correct % sounds wrong. I am confused now for sure.

Meaning DW is taking place of PG ignore PG (red bar) and add DW as flavor ?

Huh what do u know I’m not an idiot I got it fixed ddduuuuhhhh


That doesn’t stop you from playing Amy… The whole idea here is to make a tasty and SMOOTH ejuice. Could be quite possible it can only be done with FA, Inawera, or the like…By all means, Go Blend Happy…(New Vape Term)


Do you have a premium juice line or is all the same price?


Click then click again on picture to enlarge


I did figure it out ! Thank you lol


I’m no expert by any means to making my juices so take this as a grain of salt coming from a beginner and this being my second post here.
I was doing some digging about a week back and I seen a recipe( I can’t say the brand or where I seen it) that was 85% vg, 10% pg, and 5% Dw. I have vapped tons of this brand that’s uses these numbers and just can’t get enough of the stuff.
Let me know if this works out and is what everyone is looking for.


Ringling have you ever used TPA’s caramel cappuccino? It is the strongest flavor I have ever used nothing comes close to how strong it is. Well I am experimenting with this as well also I believe the DW was at 2.5% on this one. Made them last night will check on them in a few days when I’m off work again and let ya know how the progress is goin !

Cure for dryish e-juice

Hi Amy;

The Mexican Liqueur I have I believe would flavor a 99% DS mix with no problem. Just would rather see what can be done with flavors we use more on a normal basis. Make sense?