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Distilled Water


I’m going to bump this as I found it fascinating and we have a new crop of curious minds


I say yes if you got it right out of the clouds but depending on the amount of pollution/dust etc where you live it will pick up some contaminants in the air as it falls.

All our house water is collected off the roof and into tanks (only water we have) it runs though 2 filters before getting to the tap and it is neutral ph with no chemicals or contaminants as tested right out of the tank but I live way out of town well off any roads…


Heh, I just buy a gallon at the store for 89 cents. On a more serious note distilled water from the store is not for drinking! It contains no chlorine normally added to drinking water to kill all the usual suspects. If you plan on using Distilled Water for vaping, boil it for 5 minutes (and cool) and then bottle it per your setup (30ml glass? 120ml squirty?) …don’t forget the label!

For my first plan to use DW (last year) I poured it directly from the gal jug into a (somewhat?) cleaned 30ml HDPE (recycle). This got lost in the chaos for two months and when next examined had a rather large gelatinous glob of biological entity …the horror. There’s a picture I posted on here somewhere.

Whatever bacteria/mold living in the otherwise pure water fed on whatever had remained in the plastic (even after cleaning) and in a couple months had grown to a respectable size. I tossed it (unopened) into the trash because …I didn’t have a 55 gal drum of fire handy.


I remember that picture and dug it out for others to see too - I always have this photo in mind when I clean my bottles:


four pawns used DW in their juice… i dont care for any of their flavors… i guess im just not the premium type!! lol


Don’t blame the DW for their juice mate…lol


Do you find that DW helps any with recipes? It is all about flavor, but is there anything it adds for you?


The only reasons I see to use DW is 1st as a PG replacement and second a thinner. When @Amy2 and myself were experimenting with DW we found a bit of flavor loss (longer steep may have fixed that). Second we found limits of 2-5% use due to popping hot water in your mouth. Supposedly VG will absorb water but it appears to have limits. Either that or the other ingredients (PG) prevent a complete absorption, don’t know. I personally see nothing wrong with using DW but you probably will not see any huge advantages doing so. Maybe just some slight smoothness if your % is not too high and popping in your mouth…

Snap, crackle and pop - noisy atty question

I thought that I might be suffering a PG sensitivity for a while and started mixing w/o PG. Over the course of several months I mixed with a minimum of PG only in flavorings and at that was vaping pretty much only standalone mixes (i.e FA Fuji 5%). I found that my ideal distilled water ratio to be <4%; that produced a sufficient viscosity to wick in my RTA’s. If you are not PG sensitive (which I now believe I am not) I see little advantage to utilizing it as it definitely does not carry flavors as well, but if you are, it is useful.


I wasn’t , I think their juice tastes like shit regardless ! LOL