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Distilled Water


Yes, that is a good mix. Probably some very concentrated flavors are being used. I have made two recipes with 5% DS that worked. Now trying to stretch that DS to 8% which might be difficult. Also my PG is higher because the flavors available to me are not as concentrated. There’s your difference.


Guess I missed this question. Yes, I do a MaxVG line in 30ml amber bottles of my absolute best flavors. About a dozen flavors. …


I was thinking if you didn’t have a Premium line to test a small line using FA / INW / FV and price according to your extra expense. I’m thinking batches with these vendors should taste better and customers may pay the extra price for the top quality flavors. I was looking at @SirRisc latest review Flavourlab.de started a line with only 4 flavors. Something like this may work with premium vendors flavors. Me personally, I don’t mind paying extra for top quality.


I diluted the caramel cappuccino like 2 drops in 10ml pg …it was only then usable


I diluted the over all mix at 2% DW. In times past I have taken like 1 ml and paired it with 3 ml pg but have not considered using DW when diluting it as a flavor concentrate hmm maybe I will do this in a small 4 ml glass vial and set it aside ! Thanks


@ringling I tried the 2.5 % DW mix today it had 28% flavor some of the roughest toughest flavored out there like TFA cappuccino and it actually tastes smooth no harshness like if I’d taste if I dare to vape this w/o the Dw. So , so far 2.5% is a hit with smoothing rough flavoring !!!

cap DW test 1 2.5% : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/164221/cap+DW+test+1++++++++2.5%25

4% Caramel Cappuccino (TPA)
2.6% DW
4% Horchata (CAP)
4% Marshmallow (FA)
5% RY4 (VS)
4.4% Sweet Cream (CAP)
4% White Chocolate (TPA)

Flavor total: 28%
Remember to rate it at: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/r/1fFp

This was meant to be strong strong flavors the marshmallow and cream was so i could tolerate it lol.

Normally TFA recommends 1 drop per 10 mls for cappuccino i have it here at 4% i could not vape this w/o choking my butt off if I didn’t have the DW in the mix…we’re on to something here Ringling !!


Hi @Amy2 Sorry I’m not keeping up very well. My house and shop flooded and I’m busting _ss trying to get things back to normal here. Have not been able to blend for the shop let alone experiment…

Remember Amy, By adding another 8% flavoring you have added another 8% PG. Somehow we need to keep the flavoring a maximum of 20%. I’m gonna try some more simple 2 flavor recipes as soon as I can like a simple Peach & Bourbon. Think I need to tone down the flavors till I get a feel for this. I also think it’s gonna wind up 5% max on the DS.

Also, the very first recipes I tried with the 5% DS, Nuts on the Barbie, seem to be strengthening as it steeps. It’s been 15 days since blending. Perhaps a 1 month steep would solve all problems. We’ll see. There was 2 blends, 70 VG, 5 DS, 25 PG and also 75 VG, 5 DS, 20 PG. The first Blue Distilled Water version I can not even find to check up on. My shop is still in a absolute uproar…

Also, you have that blend marked as private, no one can see it…


Hey so sorry to hear you got flooded that is terrible. Ok when I get some time again I will follow the 20% rule and go from there.

I had it private be I didn’t want anyone to try it be sounds disgusting but it was decent. I posted the recipe under that link so you can see it.

I myself am busting hump moving to Seattle so we may be a month or so out b4 we can get back to " normal play time " I make juices for me to vape but usually it’s a rushed thing unfortunately try to do 5 at a time and then back packing.


Hope this is useful
If you look at the chart the addition of 5% water reduces the boiling temperature of VG from 290 Degrees to 167
at 10% you are down to 138 hence the explosive popping.

I use 10% Aqueous VG 72mg Nicotine Concentrate in some of my 80% VG mixes.
These are mixed to 6% nicotine strength. The resultant distilled water content is about 0.2%
This is not enough to significantly reduce the overall boiling point of the juice.



Huh good to know. Makes sense to me the boiling point is lowered and that is why the thinned VG mixes always seem to pop especially in an aspire coil rough on ya sometimes!


Hi Amy; I’m trying to move this discussion back to where it belongs, in the DW thread. Anyway, let’s make a standard with this that we can stick with and possibly come up with some decent results.

First, let’s use 5% DW in all mixes deducted from the PG side
2nd, Let’s blend 70/30 blends so we have enough carrier for the flavor, plus use on subohm and tank
3rd use no more than 25% flavor which 5% of that flavor is actually DW

Here’s my latest attempt just before the flood. A simple Peach bourbon which seems to taste good but this batch you can’t really taste the peach. Need to bump up the peach since the bourbon is so strong a flavor…

Peach Bourbon w/ DW


Thank you I was looking for the thread to try and do that as well. Ok I’m going to book mark this.

Going back to sleep. Night shifter :smirk: I work next 2 days. So maybe I can start on the project on Friday.


I tried DW @2% in a 30ml max VG mix and got an insane amount of snap, crackle and pop in tanks and drippers; so much so, I just had to trash the mix 'cause I couldn’t stand the noise!

Can’t say I’ll be using DW in a mix again anytime soon.


Sorry to hear that! I will say that I never tried using DW in a MaxVG blend. I was trying to replace PG, not VG so this could be the difference. I found what worked best was a 70/5/25 blend (VG/DW/PG). Mixed as such there was no problems with excess popping. Are you sure you didn’t get some of that Rice Crispys Flavor…lol


No three little elves with big ears flavor for me!

Now, what type of atomizer were you using with your mix?


At the time I was not doing subohm (Kanger Evod Mega). A buddy was using a Kanger Subtank and had no complaints with popping…

By the way, never trust elves to do your flavoring, probably your problem…lol


@Amy2 is going to do some more experimenting since she is having trouble with the PG. You guys should talk if you want to see how she does…


What I’ve been doing is just adding it to the mix instead of below where you’d take it away from the flavor %. So 48mg 100% VG Nic with 5% Sterile water ( essentially is water that is filtered then boiled ) I boiled it less than 5 minutes didn’t want all the oxygen taken out of the water cooled and then my VG to make my base. Then I add my flavors most have been VG based flavors I pull off of the large base that has the sterile water already in it ( made like a 60 mls batch ) broke it down to small little 7 mls batches with my flavors so really I don’t have a true calculation on how much diluent is in each 7 ml batch that came from a larger 60 ml batch that had a diluent of 5%. Sounds like a math lovers question ( Bc I dislike math I want a computer to do it for me )

Oh and have been vaping fine on a mini protank 3 w/ 1.8 ohm coil. Tons of flavor! I replaced my old kanger coil w/ organic cotton and they did just fine so no hiss popping and creepy noises from these batches at all. I have had that in the past but not one yet on this newer VG version I’ve been working on like a made scientist woman ! :slight_smile:


Here’s just a recipe I’m working on.

This one here Da Dragon does just fine on this ratio mix as well I go thru it like well water lol
Perfect dripping sauce !

Isn’t this the cutest lil Erlynmeyer flask ever ! I just got 4 10 ml ones for my small batches !


So, comparing the same recipe with only VG/PG and the same recipe replacing 5% of the PG with DW, do you notice flavour improvement?


I did notice that it’s smoother but it also mutes and dilutes the batch where Pg is going to retain the flavor d/t it being a better flavor carrier than water. So as far as my experiments went I found that around 1-2% DW was as far as I could push it before 1 or 2 things started to happen.

1 if there’s too much DW your atomizer will not fire correctly and it will sizzle and pop that right back up the chimney ( ouch ) 2 the DW will continue to dilute your flavorings but when you use just a touch of it, it can help harshness and it does help with smoothnes again is it worth it, Idk it’s ok for me in certain mixes I continue to use it at times at 1% in a vg max mix but not every time.