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Yeah I much preferred Dirordie though just because of the Amsterdams Vaoes robotic kind of presentation. Was a while later I found Fresh and Trevor Jones, wish he would come back, even though Im really not into the hardware side at all now, only replace stuff if it breaks…his passion for building was incredible, liked his eliquid reviews as well


NAV did an AMAZING job bringing people into the scene. His intro video alone I’m sure turned thousands into mixers. Wish he would come back, too.


+1 for New Amsterdam Vape, single most helpful video out there for anyone looking to start mixing.
Clear, precise and concise. Very informative. Wish he came back too.

As for DIY or DIE, I don’t care too much about him but then again I don’t feel the need to criticize him or let him know that I don’t care because he wouldn’t care. Get it?

If you don’t like him for whatever reason, move on. That’s my advice.
He used e-liquid mixing as a platform to make a living, good for him. You can too if you want to.
I guess he must be doing something right to gain a following.


Yeah, I can explain, his persona in other forums and social groups are based on the crowd that’s is present in. in mixing groups, any conversation that’s brought up and he’s chimed in or tagged in, he doesn’t reel in his lackies, dissing well known mixers such as Alisa (who he has had on his show) or H.I.C, or the between the lines in his shows about other sites not being what they should be, then doing the same thing but slapping the term “remix” on top of it, like it will mask that its something completely original.

It’s the mentality that you run into when you meet a mixer in person and you start talking to them and they seem kind of brainwashed and have an immediate bias against anything not DIYORDIE. I’ve met at least 10 people in person, through local B&M, in several states that was like this. I’m not sure what is going on behind closed doors in those forums, but i’m sure its not what is being portrayed in the public eye in terms of whats being portrayed to that audience. but eh, I was looking at vape podcasts of 2018 and had to chuckle at “The Leader of DIY Mixing” or etc … self proclaimed… well, I’m the king of the castle, and your the dirty rascal lmao


OMG, I am such a dirty raskal. That’s good stuff, love it. made me laugh aloud. How do the kids say it? LOL.

I got to admit, I don’t get out much, so I don’t really know the pulse of the community, but I do notice the clique mentality among the so called " reviewers." I can’t hardly stomach the “popular” ones ( not you @Steampugs and your team) and the crap they spew from their open maws. One of the things I hate the most is when they say, " I got this freeeeeee, but that in no way impacts my review." MY A$$…

Anywho, Peace Love and Happiness.


So glad you said that :joy:


I got to admit, I thoroughly enjoy y’alls reviews, They are a breath of fresh air.


Awesome thing to say thanks man :ok_hand::wink:


Can you believe This thread was started a year and a half ago? At that time I could watch Diy or ___?

Now I can not even stomach more than a couple min. I have often wondered what is wrong with me? Even when I was a mere lad. Well, it has been a few years (40ish) since I first asked that question, or was that my Dad that first asked? oh well, the point is mute, because there is no answer. I even went to church to find out, and OH did those Christians know (or so they thought) and there were too many “things” to count. Now a day’s I just accept myself for who and what I am.

Anywho, no Idea why I spewed forth, except to say we need to see some fresh faces, in the DIY you tube scene…HMMM I wonder…


That poses what kind of approach someone could take that hasn’t already been approached. what would you look for in a DIY vaping channel?


you’re right. I didn’t even consider that, but yes, a different approach is most definitely needed. I will have to think on it.

How about you, have you considered it?


timing wise, short videos, not trying to recreate the wheel or steal thunder, or toot own horn, or circle jerk with a certain community.



I remember that.

That guy also give money advice.


I agree, there are far better concentrates at our disposal.


The guy is good and I learned a lot from Wayne and think screw it if there is a way to make a buck what’s wrong with that? I don’t pay for his site but I don’t have anything against it.