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i think most everything wayne is doing when it comes to diy is based around his business so thats probably the leap to ATF … and im sure his hang arounds are all there as well im happy for him he could turn this into a business more power to him


I wish @Wayne_Walker was more active on ELR! I know he’s very busy, but it would be cool to have him back here!


I didn’t think he posts here anymore because he accuses everyone that they steal his recipes, like someone couldn’t make basic recipes.
His site post a little disclaimer like he can hold that in court.
and…nah, he remixes information and makes it look new. And adds about 10 adjectives and descriptions to it


I still lurk around!


we know you are lurking, but…can we remix it? YES WE CAN!


I had never heard of him until this thread, so I went and checked some stuff out and can tell you he is not my cup o tea.


That’s awesome man! I’m glad to hear that! Love all you do for the diy community! Keep it up homie! Much love lol!


Ahhhh the creep’ster in the corner. Lol. Still love ya. Creep away.


This has been echoed in this thread about 5 times and was my experience too. Not sure who qualifies as McDonalds and who gets the Burger King crown, but @Wayne_Walker gets the credit for being one of the first …and being First makes a big difference in the Business world. More important than being first is sustained delivery, so whatever opinions you may have about his product or delivery he pretty much holds the crown …still not sure if that’s the Burger King “Crown” or the MickeyDs Golden Boobies …whatevs, I’d wear either on my head …just not at the same time (Ouch!) :crown: :fortune_cookie:


im just a dude who makes eliquid, films it, writes about it, and a ton of people seem to enjoy my work. I don’t think it goes any deeper than that. I also wasn’t the first. I owe a lot of what I’ve done to FreshOG.


Yikes, I dunno about king because other than start a new website, theres absolutely nothing new that he is doing that Reddit/ELR/ECF/Underground vaping wasn’t doing.
Magazine? Vape News Magazine
Recipe database? 99 Recipes, ELR, shit…even DIYLEDI website
flavor notes? reddit/ELR
communit base forum? …shall we count the ways?

business wise, even selling one shots was done before DIYORDIE at the suggestions of older mixers for stuff like orange cream tpa, or RY4, strawberry and cream tpa etc, mixers used to get in touch with concentrate companies to suggest or assist in making new flavors…not oneshots…

the only thing really done differently than ones before is DIYORDIE just charging folks for it… and branded beanies that are way overpriced.

DIYORDIE has barely done the first of anything.


we get it, you don’t like my work.


Geez everyone lighten up he’s a fellow mixer like all of us! At the end of the day that’s all that matters!
Nuff said!!!


who is this person ?? i looked the name up but didnt find much , just wondering.


I’m just gonna throw this in there for no other reason that I don’t believe he’s done anything that deserves a public stoning…whether you’re a fan of what wayne does or not I will say this, I’ve had cause to communicate with a fair few ‘better known’ personalities from the vaping world over the last year or so and the only three that have ever gone above and beyond to reach out on a one to one basis with me (and plenty of other people) have been Brian from TVC, Mooch and Wayne…chatted at length to all of em and they’ve been nothing but approachable, friendly and supportive…you’d be surprised at how many don’t give that. you’ll never please everyone, but if you please enough to make a living out of it then hats off to ya for making a success out of doing something that you love doing…not a lot of people manage that. :+1:


I’m thinking he meant Fresh03.


thats what i was wondering


Amen and Amen.

@Wayne_Walker Stay humble brother. I have always liked that about you.


Thank you for posting that. There is a big difference between a factual disagreement and personally attacking. Speaking only for myself I think this thead is embarrassing and reflects badly on all of us here.


eh, no one is personally attacking anyone, factual disagreement maybe, but def not attacking anyone.

…It’s also not really humble to create such a divisive atmosphere against other platforms (ELR included) and then come back to ELR, lurk around, and then try to shake hands and accept praise.

It’s not the level of work, but the divisive-ness that has been created, its like a giant void.