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i know he didnt make it up


im so happy you chimed in , you have my fullest respect keep doing you , you get it


I subscribe to DoD for several reasons… the Magazine, Flavour Book and Recipes are all fantastic and worth more than the paltry $3/month. But the main reason I subscribe is to support Wayne in his efforts. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm inspires many people (especially me), mostly for free. He’s a good bloke.


maybe i miss understood. I know you give props to us here at ELR obviously you yourself are a member. Though I did say you changed it to “they are not the same” (selective hearing). I was curious so I am glad you chimed in. I am a bit confused though, I was looking in your flavor book (wich i must say is quite good) and at the point were I was getting interested… I had to pay to see the rest. Please do not misunderstand me. I am sure you could publish the work and paying for your hard work is acceptable, but you said “you don’t have to pay for my site”.
Mostly, I wanted to know if it was worth the monthly subscription, which is very inexpensive. Every body that pay’s for your monthly sub. say YES it is worth it. My question is answered. It may have been easier if I would have just went ahead and ordered it instead of the posting the question. You got lot’s of props from every one here…


You did the right thing asking for others experiences of the site, we all like to know the ins and outs before we pay out for something :wink:


What can you get on DIY or DIE that isn’t here? Better yet, let me ask it this way.

I don’t need flavor notes beyond what’s on ELR
I don’t need instructions how to mix.
I don’t need a calculator to tell me what plus what plus what equals 100.
I don’t need videos to show me anything.

So aside from getting one man’s opinion on all things DIY, what else is there at DIY or DIE that I can’t find here? Sell me.


I can’t sell you lol, but I can tell you this…

I do

I still benefit from this

I still do and love watching them, why does a person that bakes regularly still watch cooking programmes? I’m genuinely interested in watching someone better than me mix, I haven’t been doing it that long so I’m way down the ladder, I’m not you dude, If I was, I probably wouldn’t pay either.


I’m no guru either. And I honestly was only asking for information’s sake since I’m not a subscriber. I suppose that as for video there are few out there to choose from, and I would suspect fewer on Wayne’s level.

I’ve mixed some of his juices, loved a couple, liked a couple, but nothing there strikes me as earth moving which has always had me wondering…what’s with the popularity? The only thing I’ve ever come up with is Wayne must be a tremendous self-promoter and masterful at social media. That would certainly explain the level of interest, especially when so many folks these days take to YouTube first before trying something they’ve never done. Hell that’s why I re-tiled my bathroom floor rather than paying someone. Found a video.

I’ve thought about subscribing just out of curiosity. Believe me it’s not the money or what I would expect to get for it. Even if it was 10x what he charges. It’s just I’m so convinced that everything I need to know is right here, and from hundreds of other minds, not just one.

Thanks for your reply though. I do appreciate it. :slight_smile:


at the end of the day you like what you like, I find him likeable, funny, informative, he’s just a nice guy who’s reached the next level, making a living out of it, he certainly put’s the hours in to his recipes that’s for sure, and I only like some of his recipes I agree there, I did like Rhodanite when I first tried it but it didn’t have longevity, I haven’t had it since, his cereal milk is always on rotation though.
He’s become a personality, I won’t say celebrity, within the Vaping world, and he funds what he does by people subscribing, I’d like to keep on seeing what he comes up with therefore I don’t mind paying a couple of quid for that.
and for the record, you may not be a guru lol, but I’ve seen your recipes and I really don’t think you’d benefit from subscribing, you’re a good mixer dude.


I guess for some of us ELR members, we came up old school mixing… sharing info freely. I know the way I came up DIYing I had to put in my own work and if I needed info I had the ELR community to turn to. Like some of you I tried some of the DoD recipes and was mildly to negatively impressed. Not to say they aren’t good, they just didn’t fit the profile I prefer. Defining your favorite flavor profile will go a long way to building a Flavor Stash that fits you best and save you from waste.

As some of you know I’m not a big fan of low concentrated flavors. A lot of them I just can’t taste or they’re a bit too mild or too far off center for me. So when I see recipes that’s mostly TPA, CAP or FW, I tend to shy away from them.

DoD would interest me more if it was more involved with the Super Concentrates. This list below are the prime flavors I like to mix, with a compliment of a few other flavors. So for me to try and follow DoD would be a step in the wrong direction.

As you can see I’m a MF nut, but IMO these are the best and gives the flavor I need to enjoy vaping.

Banana (MF)
Blackberry (MF)*****
Blueberry (MF)****
Butterscotch (MF)
Cantaloupe (MF)*****
Caramel (MF)
Dark Chocolate (MF)*****
Golden Apple (MF)
Grape (MF)*****
Green Apple (MF)*****
Hazelnut (MF)
Honeydew Melon (MF)*****
Lemon (MF)*****
Mango (MF)****
Orange (MF)*****
Passion Fruit (MF)
Peach (MF)*****
Pear (MF)
Pineapple (MF)
Plum (MF)*****
Strawberry (MF)****
Vanilla (MF)*****
Watermelon (MF)*****
Wild Raspberry (MF)*****


I suspect a lot of people will watch Wayne for his personality as much as his content.

If your a likeable person on YouTube with great content, people will follow you and listen to you religiously, you become a “bit of a celebrity” although Wayne will and has stated his “just a guy that loves DIY” which is a great attitude to have and imo aides in success.

From what I see of DIY or DIE membership you get personal interaction / experience with Wayne and his team, for some it’s easier then trawling through posts and asking questions on forums. One central “hub” if you like.


for me a premium juice is supposed the be a juice that you taste the different flavors from the inhale to the exhale and this is what wayne tries to accomplish and has done well at , his SVBICC and boardwalk do that for sure plus hes very current with issues i enjoy his commentary he actuly makes me lol and smh while listening to him his and although some dont need his content there are alot of new people who do , there are no rules or ways of coming up the diy ladder so if 3 bucks a month help save a person tons of money and time then it is worth every penny or just to support a guy who has a huge amount of knowledge and loves diy and takes the time to put his stuff out there in a fun way i dont think all his recipes are that great but i dont think philip rockes are all great either but wayne does know his stuff and has put out atbleast in my opinion a hand full of adv


I think that has a lot to do with it.Unlike the majority he doesn’t seem to have the over inflated ego that is so common.
The part I find most disturbing is the haters all say the same thing ,
" I tried his xxxx mix and it was mediocre at best" ! I guess they have to bring everyone else down in order for them to get a little recognition? I don’t know but it’s just pathetic to see people act that way.Why is it so hard to be happy for someone who finds a little success?


I think it all boils down to envy. The haters hate since they themselves can’t do what he does and therefore feel the need to belittle whatever he does.


I am going to toss this out here, and ya’ll know I’m no voice of authority (ask my wife). I was in the Navy for 20 years, about 2 or 3 years after I had gotten out I joined an organization called the Fleet Reserve, it meets monthly at a VFW or something (the organization moved from where it use to be, but I haven’t been to one of it’s meetings in 10 years)… but I still pay dues to it. 4 or 5 old sailors meet one a month, say the Pledge of Allegiance, talk briefly about new laws concerning the VA then part ways. But I still pay my dues for those guys, maybe one day I’ll have the time to attend a meeting “shrugs”.
If I wanted to, I could also join the VFW and/or the American Legion.
Yeah, I know none of this has anything to do with vaping, but it does have to do with the ideal of people having to choose one location over another, to me it makes no sense.
I highly encourage people to join @Wayne_Walker and his site if that is something they may be interested in. No I’m not a member of it, but I have thought about joining on or off. And if I did join his site, I would hope (hope isn’t the word I’m looking for, but it eludes me at the moment), that members of whatever other group I was in wouldn’t be putting me down or saying “why”. IMHO there is no “either” or “or”, for the most part we are DIY, however we want and however we want to learn, or whomever we want to contribute to, whether you can get that same information elsewhere or “don’t really need to join” a different place. I think @Wayne_Walker puts out some good information, he encourages people to try and is selling himself, there is nothing wrong with that. It isn’t like he’s spamming sites and ditching others as if he is the one and only. There isn’t anything wrong with gleaning information and being a part of more than one group. That would be like saying you can only subscribe to one youtube channel, otherwise your not being committed to that single youtube person.


I’d just like to say I’ve ordered some DIYorDIE pistachio RY4-U concentrate and I’ll let you all know what I think when I get it next week :wink:

EDIT: I can make 193ml of it 70/30 3mg nic/100%VG for £7.50!! Absolute bargain!


Yup. Off topic…I see you didn’t list kiwi. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Any reason?


every flave ive tried is very good


what is MF?
LMAO i just noticed the part of the quote i grabbed…:smiling_imp:
OOPS sorry @Pro_Vapes


MF=Medicine Flower which is a flavor company.