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Does anyone lose their voice more than once a year who vapes?


Pretty much all on point. Look at the pg/vg ratio. Maybe change you nic supplier. Drink more water. Looks at the flavors your vaping. You need to trouble shoot all of these.


No worries Brofessor. I don’t mean to imply anything negative re: “Anecdotal”. Its only used by me as opposed to say a double blind study with 100+ people. This whole Forum is all about sharing our personal experiences and to me that’s “anecdotal” …still extremely valuable.

Last Holiday Season …T-Giving -> Christmas/New Years I was vaping Distilled Water and Ethanol thinned juice (no PG except flavs) and quickly started having sore throat issues (3 times in a couple months). I tried to approach scientifically and did deep cleaning ( carpets, HVAC etc) to eliminate other possibilities, but analyzed when it started and what I had changed and made the call …and ordered some PG. Since the switch I have had zero upper respiratory problems …and they ended immediately.

See? While valuable to consider (I tried to be as scientific as possible), still retains that storytime element …and the reason I never posted about it before. I also value your contribution here and you’re one of the people I am listening to re: Nic Salts …even tho you are waaay older than me [LoL!] :hugs:


Yeah, I tend to use a more colloquial reference for anecdotal, i.e. “I heard once” or “My friend said”. That, of course, is just about totally unreliable. It’s easy to just say you read or heard something. I listen more closely if people are relaying their own actual experience. Sometimes, like this for instance, it is difficult (maybe even unnecessary) to quantify harshness scientifically. In other words, I didn’t take offense to your statement, just clarifying that my statements aren’t rumor but firsthand experience.

That’s a long way around saying ‘We Good, brah’.


yes but not as often as when i smoked ciggs , typically when i dont drink enough fluids


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I recently bought some Pure flavorless liquid and bought the flavors to add to it. That’s what we have in Indiana that doesn’t have a ton of sugar in it. I believe it’s 70/30. 6 mg. It’s about the strongest 6 mgs I’ve ever tried. It’s super harsh. I plan on doing my own DIY but I haven’t had the time to devote to it as I’m moving this week and don’t want it to suck. Lol


Ya, he’s a hoot alright.


commercial juices in most cases do not contain the indicated nicotine. So a 6mg commercial, is around 5.5-5.8mg DIY lol. Give that a try and see if it’s better for you.

I get a scratchy throat, sore throat, losing my voice, breathing problems, tight chest, swollen tongue if I use too much pg. I am sensitive to it, and most of my recipes are max vg or lowest I can go is 75 VG / 25PG. I from time to time try to shock my system, trying to get less sensitive, but after having vaped a couple hits from my husbands juice (70/30), I felt sick all weekend. Maybe one day it’s better but till then I have to keep that in mind.

If you get it only once a year, it might not even be vape related. Keep an eye on things you do, and monitor it a bit, but I wouldn’t be too worried about.


I’m in Indiana as well, anything available locally pretty much sucks lol when you start diy look into nicotine river, you could also buy low nic vg from them and plain pg and add flavor to it, it’s basically the same as what your doing currently, just better quality material to start with


Could you provide a link to this product, or if it’s from a local shop, a link to their site?


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I remember watching fresh episodes of Barney Miller …I’m that old :wink:


Same here, except that I watched them only with my ears, because my parents thought it was too risque for me and it was always on ‘past my bedtime’. But I do remember it! And Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. And Donny and Marie Osmond’s variety hour. And on and on…



That is the brand. I buy it from a little shop in the next town over. Not too much in the description about it.


I don’t think that’s a brand. I think that’s just their label. Sounds like straight up VG (with a little PG thanks to the added nic dillutant, maybe even no PG at all).


Thank you!! I feel like a strangled frog myself!:joy:


Pure brand is what I’m using right now.

I add flavor to it also.


Oh, it seems I’ve lost it twice or three times this year already. Lasts for about a day or two usually.


After you get settled in @Adrienne22, https://www.nicotineriver.com/ would be a good place to get quality nic and good selection of flavors, you probable know all this, but research your flavors for the type of recipe you are after. Saves a lil money, than buying flavors you don’t need, like I do :thinking: