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Does anyone lose their voice more than once a year who vapes?


Hey guys. For the past few years that I’ve been vaping, every now and then my voice goes real raspy and then is almost completely gone for about 3 days. And if I get a cold, it happens worse. Anyone else experience this?


Drink more water when vaping.

No, I haven’t had an issue I can definitely attribute to vaping specifically, other than throat harshness from nic, which is totally understandable and not really a ‘problem’. But it’s important to keep more hydrated when vaping, especially when you have a cold.


No, but I have a friend that is hyper sensitive to vapor that has that problem. Doesn’t matter if its a vaping device or a fog machine. Hit throat just doesn’t deal with it well.


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Glad to know I’m not the only one!! Reassuring! I’ll drink more water! :grin:


I actually have been using a nicotine that’s a bit harsh. Thank you!


I have had temporary dryness but no loss of voice or anything that made me worry. It’s usually after playing gigs in smokey bars or if I’ve been slacking on my water intake. Very hot weather cause me to really step-up my water intake, and very cold weather is usually drying, too.

A couple of things might be at play here in regards to vaping:

High PG has been known to irritate the throat in some. High nic levels or harsh low-quality/improperly stored nic could irritate or cause a peppery effect. Some flavors containing DAAP have been reported to irritate respiratory function(wheezing), I think @Jennifer_Jarvis has some experience with that, if I’m not mistaken.

Any constant/all day vaping can cause dryness and a higher than average water intake is needed for all of us. If it’s not happening all the time, I don’t think it could be your mixing ratios or nic. I’m more inclined to agree that it’s either hydration or some non-vape-related cause that only slip in every once in a while.

Best of luck finding the cause and remedy!


While I do not believe harsh nic leads to issues like voice loss, I was increasingly annoyed by the harshness over the years. I’ve found that nic salts in the same strength as the traditional freebase nic eliminated all the harshness for me. If you want to simply relieve that harshness, you could consider switching to salts. Again, not related to the voice loss symptoms, just a fix for the throat hit if that bothers you.


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what nic do you use ?
vg or pg base


Every case is thoroughly evaluated and treated accordingly. Professional courtesy.


General rule of thumb is, “if you can’t use it, you loose it”.


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How often did you lose it when you were smoking? My first inclination is to agree with those who remind you to stay hydrated. Vaping sucks the moisture out of our tissues far more than you might imagine. Try making some herbal tea with honey. Another issue is that some people are sensitive to PG. There are threads on here about using distilled water and vodka to thin the VG enough that very little or no PG is needed.

My experience is that I’m losing it a lot less in fact my singing voice has come back. Not that I’m good enough to perform anywhere but I no longer sound like a strangled frog, not so bad I’d be on the menu of any hungry Ogres. :wink:


Good advice, but I have become intrigued lately with all the anecdotal stories re: “Nicotine Salts” being easier on the throat. I personally vape a little cooler wattage and 2mg nic%

Oh and I hate to say it as some kinda fact but I stopped using alcohol (1% of 100 proof vodka) because i was having these type issues (soon after adding on the reg) …stopped (went back to using PG) and throat issues stopped.


I can assure you my story is not anecdotal. I wouldn’t say I have a ‘sensitivity’ to the harshness of FB nic. But I have grown to resent it. I used FB at 3MG and I use salt at 3MG as well. The harshness has literally, for me AND for the wife, disappeared completely. It’s been perfect for me. YMMV. But again, I can tell you with 100% non-anecdotal certainty that it works for me.

Although, by definition I suppose, my account is technically anecdotal since I have not backed this with any sort of scientific lab work. Just my own experience. I can draw deeply and not cough out the exhale anymore as I used to do, thanks to the harshness binding my throat before.