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Does anyone lose their voice more than once a year who vapes?


Looks similar to this company, but the logo has possibly evolved.



Under two circumstances I lose my voice. the first probably has nothing to do with my vaping because I was rasping and losing my voice for about 40 or 41 years ago it started right after the first time I listened to my boss instead of my common sense and natural instinct against something stupid. We were grinding the sanded paint off of a set of steps that were in a French fry freezer. The night shift put something on to soften the paint I knew in my deepest brain I should get a chem mask not just the particle mask my boss brought me but he insisted it would be OK. Since then pollen bothers me. the second is when I get side tracked and sip at coffee all day instead of drink mountain Dew, guzzle water and eat ice. Then I get the same raspy voice and eventually lose my voice like you stated you do.

God I’ve written another book. Sorry


Oh yeah I packaged frozen French fries for a living.


It does look like it! Of course the bottle doesn’t even specify how much of either there is… you just never know what you’re getting. Another reason I’ve found I want to make my own!


I am very soon on my way to making my own! Its sounding more and more like something I’d love to do. And have more peace of mind! Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to find this forum! I didn’t even know I could make my own till a week ago!!!:laughing:


glad you found us, you won’t find no better Vape Family than here, ELR has a lot to offer, anything you want to know it’s here, if not ELR Family will find it. I am still finding things, and always learning everything I can, to make that perfect recipe, Myself I Luv this place and the people that surround it :heart_eyes:


Yay!!! And as you can see we are awkwardly friendly to folks of a female nature. But more so happy to see some start the diy journey.


@Adrienne22 as others have mentioned above, the NIC seems most likely to be the culprit. I’ve never lost my voice due to vaping, but drinking more water (especially with sub ohming) was good to do for me. For all the hoopla surrounding NIC Salts, I’ve found that for some reason some Salts and I do not get along, and induce quite a bit of coughing, almost a tickle. This is odd to me, as Salts are billed to be the smoothy smoothness of NIC, but I guess not for everyone. Hopefully you can isolate the NIC, and try another brand to see if that helps. Also, always remember, if your NIC is darker, peppery, and/or you don’t store in the freezer/fridge, it could be oxidizing/oxidized which can indeed make it harsher.


Peppery!! That’s exactly what it tastes like! And I have three bottles of it!:woman_facepalming:t3: Will the oxidizing hurt anything other than my throat? Is it safe??


Fairly certain the place I bought them from does not store them in a freezer/fridge…


I don’t think it will hurt you, What color is it ? if it is light brown, its ok, but advisable to gets some more as soon as you can. If its dark brown, well some people still use it, but I would not. If it’s pink it’s good. But clear is the best. And as @SessionDrummer said, keep it in freezer. or at least the fridge, and especially away from the kids, well you know all that stuff !!


You realize that Ozzy sandwich comes with a whole SEWER of “extra spices” right? One bight would most likely kick off a year-long acid trip!


Hell, I’ll even wash them for @SmilingOgre! How do you want’em-Raw? Sauteed in butter with some garlic and shallots? Marinated in goat blood?


OK-You and @BoDarc have got me on a serious nostalgia trip. STAAAAHP!!!

Yes-I too am a child of 70’s TV. Barney Miller, MAS*H, Hill Street Blues, The Muppets, Solid Gold and Soul Train! were my dirty secrets. Watching TV surreptitiously from underneath the dining room table that I’d sneaked under via the galley kitchen in our home. Good Times!(Watched that one too)


If it’s tasting peppery, I’d talk to the shop and see if they’ll swap your unopened bottles for ones that are a bit more fresh. If you’ve been frequenting this shop for a while, then you’ll probably have a little more luck in doing so-Besides-the worst they can say is “no”.


My voice has a tendency to be altered with vapes that have Pineapple, and / or WS23. :pensando:


It’s still clear. I put them in the refrigerator last night. Thank you!


So perfect!

Then placed on a pizza, tips out. Wonderful presentation, wonderful treat!!!


We used to sneak up very late to catch Benny Hill and Bizarre. If my parents knew they would have shot us. Benny gave us our fix for babes in skimpy clothes, but the solid gold was always at the end of Bizarre when the lady peeled off t-shirt after t-shirt until we got a flash. That was really something for a 10 year old. But that’s getting pretty far off-topic.

@SessionDrummer, I haven’t heard of anyone having more harshness with salts over FB, that’s odd! Same MG level between the two? Weird!


@Adrienne22 Well I don’t think it will hurt anything, EXCEPT your TASTEBUDS !!! Kidding, it’s just that using oxidized NIC is a sure way to ruin a mix. I have been to vape shops where I’ve seen them top off NIC for customers using bottles that they were just left sitting out, and I can see the darker color, and I just shake my head.

Now maybe I’m being extreme, but all of my NIC is stored in amber glass bottles with good cap seals, in the freezer. I only take it out for mixing (I use 100% PG NIC so it’s shake and mix, no waiting, no hotspots), and then it goes right back in the freezer. I’ve had some very badly oxidized juices before, and it was so off putting, I made sure to never do that again. The game is, to try and limit as much light, heat, and oxygen getting to your NIC, as much as you can. If you buy a big bottle, break it down into smaller bottles, and only use one at a time, that way you only expose one smaller bottle until it’s done, then open a fresh one, as opposed to continuously opening one big bottle, exposing all your NIC to light, heat, and oxygen.

Welcome to ELR !!!