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I just made a donation. How do I find the " special’’ instructions to remove the adds?


Lars will do that for you in a few hours.

It’s 3:30am in Denmark at the moment! :zzz:


Thanks and thanks for who ever runs this page… it is very helpful and I have to say… without it I could have never be able to mix!


It’s all Lars or @daath; very dedicated individual and all around swell guy! :wink:


I haven’t been mixing long but I have had some great success and it’s all because I found this page. Again Thanks


Glad you found ELR! Glad you’re here!:wink:


Yes! Welcome!
My biggest tip to you:
Do not be afraid or too shy to ask anything!
These are some great people here with a vast wealth of knowledge!!


You’re without ads now, mate :smile:


Thanks a million! I can’t say enough about your site! It has taken me from a juice buyer to a diy-er in no time… I have at least five recipes that are great… my friends and family think I’m a mixing genus… I just let them think that… ha ha !! But again keep it up!! You are appreciated!!!


@daath just made a small donation my friend. Used the link to donate. Hope this helps in running this site, i only get disability benefits or it would be more, the knowledge that I’ve gained is priceless. Thank you


Thanks, man :slight_smile: I removed the ads for your user :smile:


@daath thanks man. :ok_hand:


@Pattie ; like your new profile pic! :wink:


@Jimk cheers mate😉


I know Lars isn’t all ‘about the money’, cuz I want to donate again and CAN’T FIND A LINK! :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone help me out?


Nevermind… I found it at the bottom of my own recipe page. Thanks anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much, Alisa! :smile:


I was feeling slightly generous myself and thought it time to give papa some $. I never donate to sites or forums but then again, I never join forums either. I guess ELR is my exception :slightly_smiling:

I have to pay rent right!! Too bad utilities weren’t included :frowning:


Yup… It IS a new year. Guess I should pay my dues again too. After all, I spend a ton of time here on this couch in the corner watching… watching…


Same here, just donated via PayPal, there were no “special instructions”. I use a different email address for PayPal then here?

Great site. Since there are no real juice apps for IOS, this is the next best thing for us Mac users!