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could we do a donation each month if so how i made initial one and forgot how i did that


Made a little donation. Thanks for making ELR so awesome!


Thank you, brother :slight_smile: You should be without ads now :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: much appreciated. Especially since i use elr mostly on phone


@daath This page has been a life saver in my journey. Amazing program you created! I fyou get a chance would you remove my ads. I donated a couple days ago. Once again thank you so much for the free work!!!


@daath not death lol just saying


Wow. Stupid auto correct!


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: I sent you a PM!

It happens all the time! :smiley:


Made my donation today… I have to say I would not have been able to mix some of these juices without the help of this site. Thanks to @daath for having this site and thanks to the community for coming together and helping each other out.


We do have some wonderful members , Thank you for being one of them!


So did I wondering same thing


It’s a NEW Year… Time to donate a lil to our great ELR site for upkeep folks!
You can find the DONATE button at the bottom of your own recipe page!

P.S. Lars ( @daath ) - I need you to PLEASE let me sit up front row this year … @ozo keeps
all of his animals in the back and it’s getting crowded (and a little stinky) back here!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Done and done! Thanks for the reminder Momma


I did NOT put beans in that chili…I am a TEXAN. Beef chuck and spices !!!
All my donkeys take regular baths too. :smile_cat:


There may not be any beans in that chilli, but this guy won’t quit playing with my hair and he is stinky!
What’s his name? … Homer? … Oscar? …


I wish that recurring payment thing would work, I’m crap at remembering…well…anything actually :confused:


First of all, like any child, you must REMEMBER to change his diaper, and he needs his regular bath time. Don’t forget his favorite bathtime toys…or he will get LOUD ! When he is old enough to drive, you won’t need to worry so much about it.
His name is Boudreaux.
[I am the one that told him that you had pretty hair…so don’t blame him, eh?]


LOUD is an understatement! How he loathes that rubber ducky!! :smiley:


@daath This!

I thought i had setup a recurring payment last month for 5 dollars. Now for some reason i remembered today and thought lets check paypal if it worked. Well it didn’t. So i set it up again but you still don’t show up in my recuring payment list.
Now i don’t want to bitch about it but with my memory it is very likely you wouldn’t get that 5 bucks each month and there are probably other with the same bad memory.

Anyway i’ll do my best to make my monthly contributions


Recurring donations only work with Patreon at this point :slight_smile: