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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


Yup, if they so much as sub one ingredient, it’s not the exact recipe, I agree on that too. It’s ok to comment I think, saying you did try it with a sub or two, but will at least try again when you have all the necessaries. I’ve done this myself now and then, but didn’t rate because of it. The ones I did try were the type I knew I’d like either way. But it still wasn’t 100% the recipe I mixed.


Good point. I’ve subbed out plenty myself. Recently made a few subs and posted one popular recipe as a “Remix.” Nothing wrong with that and I think it helps us as a community. For example, @Joy adapted one of my recipes early on and used Lemon Sicily where I was using only Lemon by TPA. Because of her I discovered that flavor and how wonderful it is. I don’t think my TPA Lemon has had the cap off since!


As you can see, around here, it doesn’t matter if you comment on something that’s 29 days old or 329 days old…there are folks that will pick up old threads, shake the dust off, start again and folks join in. :grinning: Nothing wrong with that!


Lemon Sicily is great stuff, it’s the only lemon I use too


LOL I got what ya meant :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not on the recipe site, but I know how to reach them :wink:


hey!? I have a solution …dunno if it’s an option on this platform. Other sites with ratings show them each as individual line items …how many 4 star, how many 3 star, how many two star, and how many 1 star reviews . Is possible?

Then it would be obvious if someone had three 4 star reviews and just one 1 star review


I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but you can view the ratings for any recipe if you click on the blue wrench and click ratings. Likewise, if you click on a mixer, there’s a link to view the ratings they have left for others next to the links for following/followed by/inspect flavor stash.


Really great idea!


Something like this?


It actually took me like 24 hours to make the first comment. I was looking through the thread reading comments and I just though some were kinda of crazy. I slept on it and then replied. I don’t think anyone could take it as disrepect (hopefully). I’m not saying if I made a recipe and got a 1star rating I wouldn’t be pissed. I also know you guys put a lot of time and money into them. Just testing individual flavors is time consuming. I cant say I would ever actually give a bad rating because of that alone.I really enjoy this site compared to others . The people are a lot nicer and don’t get pissed at people for asking dumb questions. ( see side bar crap ). I think most of use had the same goal and turned into something more. Vaping is a major part of my life . I actually get offended when people talk about it negatively . It’s like belonging to a club that excepts everyone . That might sound overly cheesy.


I agree people should comment . I’m just saying they shouldn’t be forced to. Of course when giving a rating you should keep in mind that just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s shit. My wife absolutely hates fruity flavors and only vapes coffee recipes . I finally found one she likes @OhmSociety. Should she be rating recipes ? Hellz no


If I’m looking at recipes by ratings and I find one that everyone loves but a couple people . Then I would hope that those couple of people would comment and say why they didn’t like it . Maybe they just didn’t prefer the taste. Though if they are giving 1 star ratings because they didn’t like the taste then they are indeed schmucks.


Whenever I judge a recipe it’s all about the taste. If I don’t like a popular recipe, I just don’t rate it or comment. I just delete it from my recipe list or tweak it to my liking… if the profile looks good. If an individual ask for my opinion I give it to them… good or bad.


I don’t think people should be forced either. Requiring a comment when rating isn’t a matter of force - people can choose to rate or not to rate - simple as that. If throwing one star on a recipe with zero input was the way to go there wouldn’t be a thread about it with 253 replies :wink:


Very good conversation. Glad to know what I’ve done adding comments is good. If I don’t mix something exact, I tell in depth the difference. If I didn’t think my change was an improvement, I wouldn’t post about it at all. Feel so bad for mixers that take the time to share and then have their balls cut off. So sad and hope goodness prevails. We appreciate you. And we know who to trust - not the slime. If we didn’t have slime, we wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff. xo

ps mew keydoard om the way! broken n and b so must copy&paste them in. So my words are few (unlike me) but mayde you’re glad LOL.


that’s what it comes down to

true in Life

Agreed. I think anyone who reads this may have a clearer understanding of what they create when clicking those little stars and perhaps ask themselves “…am I making a contribution?” …it’s never enough to just be right. Sociopathy aside.

I must confess I will miss your broken keyboard, but congrats. I’m sure it felt like having clipped wings. …it made for strangely humorous reading however …example “mew keyboard” I picture a little Hello Kitty sticker on the corner …but that’s just my own overly active imagimation :smirk:


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I apologize for laughing at your distress, but I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for the Zamplebox thingy …checking it out

This is incredibly off-topic but Zample box has an incredible blog with valuable articles


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thats a keyboard alarm (seriously) If a key gets stuck down it will make an alarm beeping etc. Press all your keyboard keys and make sure they all have “Action” (not stuck down)