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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


Hi Joy, not sure the status on your keyboard replacement but if you need one, please let me send you one if you can’t get it replaced. I have a couple extras at my office.


I knew there was a reason I’ve stuck around on this forum and never bothered with others, that’s so sweet :smile_cat: :keyboard:


:smiley: cat keyboard lol


heh she does need a mew keyboard

HeY!? where were you when I needed tires last week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe a video instead?


Today, a different “Schmuck” rated one of my recipes one star and no explanation. I think these schmucks just have recipe skill envy and the reason I say this is it is a new user. He has a recipe posted with nearly 30% flavor, he also in one used 5% FA Vanilla Classic, uhh, really? This tells me a bit about his skill set with the flavors used. I’m not saying the guy can’t eventually learn to mix but at the moment, I think he needs to learn how rate and treat others on here if he wants to be part of the best crew to work with here.

I doubt he even mixed my recipe as it was reposted in the last 24hrs so it was on top and thats how he saw it ( I made a couple of adjustments ) so he would not even had time to steep it. I posted it yesterday at 6:52 and by 8:20, he mixed it, he vaped it and he rated it. What an envious “Schmuck” geez, I sure like the grown up group here. People like this sure do make me appreciate all of the professional and respectful group I share with.


Ah, some noobs :unamused: It is not just the rating, I saw a post yesterday where a noob asked a question and demanded an answer ASAP. I like helping people, but the way this was framed… :astonished:
I can’t find the post anymore so maybe it was removed. Uncouthness does not inspire me to help out.


That’s when I automatically hit the MUTE button. :rage: I bet I hold the record for the most topics muted on ELR; I like to keep my blood pressure as low as possible…muting makes the stupidity go away.


I wouldn’t be too sure about that :innocent:


Yeah, I’m beginning to wish we had a “mute user” (ignore) button due to some of the nonsense lately.


Ya, I would have used different words, but it sure pegged my meter.


I believed there are some options for that in preferences. :wink:

…just helping you keep your blood pressure in check. Enjoy! :grin: (sometimes the “water off a ducks back” thing just doesn’t work)


Thank You so much for posting this!
Will see if I can put it to good use!


Nothing quite like a good old analog VU meter!! ;D


A BIG THANK YOU from me as well! I have about reached my limit with Mr. Potato head!


Yup, thanks…I didn’t know that feature was there.
(I’m wondering if we all just added the same user, lol)


Ya, still a few tried and true trusty analogs 'round here in use…
a few in regular use at this desk…


Like that Texas Star. I have a no-name 600 watt linear amp I used to use when I was a trucker. Been sitting in a drawer since 2004 :frowning:


Man, some moaners in here! :smiley:


Apparently it’s just for the notifications you get. I can still see posts. Oh well brother…ignoring completely is just as effective :slight_smile: