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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


I was hoping it would eliminate all traces of their toxic existence as well but as you noticed that doesn’t seem to be the case.:mask:

@SthrnMixer You are correct in that the only power they have is what we allow them to have.Personally speaking they don’t have enough horsepower to pull that plow under my skin!:grin:

I am still hopeful that the shunning will be a training aid to help teach them to show others a little respect but I am not going to hold my breath on that one.:no_mouth:


You’re so right. And I won’t give a spiteful little human power either. Nuh uh. I choose to adopt the wisdom of Joe Dirt :slight_smile:


I have tested some recipes I did not like and would give maybe a 3 star. If it isn’t a five or four star recipe to me, I don’t rate it because I don’t want to ruin someones rating. After reading this thread I am wondering if I should start rating the one i would only give tthree or less stars to. Oh well. I am sure I will do as I do


IMO the ratings are the most helpful when trying to use a flavoring that I haven’t tried before and they are also very helpful to the ones just starting out.When I started out I made a list of the higher rated recipes and made them three or four a week for a few months.
I have found out that just because I am not fond of that mix it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good .If 20 plus people rate it five stars then more than likely it is a great mix.Why should I down rate a mix because I don’t like it , obviously others do.
After a short while after making those top rated mixes you start to learn what makes a great mix for you and soon you are able to look at a mix and tell if it is something that you should like. IMO the majority of the ones giving mixes a one star rating are simply being an ass.Unless you are a complete noob you are going to be sure it will be either a four or five star before you mix it.
The ratings are useful and I am glad we have them but they can also be used as a tool to hurt people unfortunately but that is a downfall of us humans and not of the system that @daath has put in place for us.I can learn just as much from a bad recipe as I can from a good recipe.The most important tool in mixing is being able to adapt a good mix to your tastes IMO.
It is hard to find the hidden gems out there but after you learn how to use the search functions and how to filter them you can find some amazing mixes that have not been rated yet.


I agree, and that is how I still do it, when I am in a mixing slump… Most of the time I mix from someone I follow or a highly respected member of the community. You are correct. I will mix a recipe that is in my wheelhouse of taste, so if I find I don’t particularly care for it and lets say there is only one five star rating, I am not gonna give it a three. Now if it is a new mixer or someone I am not familiar with I will make a comment.

  • I don’t know. Should I go ahead and rate it? I agonize over it sometimes because I know the system is in place for people that are looking for a good recipe. Maybe if I get enough people telling me the same thing I will change my mind.


A good way to find some of those gems is to look at the recipes of people who are active and helpful here. There are a lot of very good mixers in these forums, check out their stuff. The site has over 45k recipes, and those are just the ones open to the public. Go back and look at recipes from when ELR opened too.

Ive had something interesting happen on a couple recipes, a no star vote that effects the overall score. It must be a bug, in all the time ive been using the site i have never seen a no star vote until now.

So it looks like one of them are gone, i was going to post it and tag @daath. Somehow it happened twice with this person.



I think most people want an honest opinion and like input on their mix.i think it is a good idea if you changed the mix for your tastes then leave a comment on what you did.
I see several people that do it that way and I think it is a good idea.After rating then in the comment box list the changes that you made.
I have had to adapt some mixes by subbing flavors and a I rarely rate them unless they are very good .I rate as normal and in the comment box I list what I had to sub , but i would never rate it less than five stars if I changed their recipe.


That is odd indeed , I have never seen that before! :anguished:


Now that looks strange. I removed them and will keep an eye out for more - it looks like he cancelled his rating but instead of removing it, it set it to 0?!

EIDT: There were only 5 other ratings that were 0 - very odd!


Check out all the hacking attempts, people think they can sql inject, it’s not the 90’s anymore…


Check them out here:


Page 1 & 2


sigh :slight_smile:


total noob alert Was just reading through this thread and thought “how vile are some people to downrate stuff just to be nasty”. Didn’t think I’d rated anything but checked and I’ve given two 5* ratings…how have I even done this? Developing a slight rating star button phobia. Any guidance totally appreciated as would never want to downgrade anybody accidentally :persevere: TIA :smiley:


I think the heart button is too close to the stars for rating. I’ve noticed that if you accidently hit the minus button at a receipt rated five stars instead of the heart button, it’s downrated in a whoosh.


Yikes! Will be extra vigilant in future - thanks for the heads-up :smiley:


Now this is absolutely correct and something I’ve had problems with for sometime now. Brilliant observation, and kudos for mentioning it! (Why I didn’t mention it previously is mind-boggling!)

@Underanne You better watch your step!! If you keep being all helpful and thoughtful… You’ll end up being a valued member of society around these parts. :hear_no_evil: :laughing:


Oh no! :scream: That would be awful! :grin::kissing_heart:

I was hoping I wasn’t the only one with this tested knowledge, so thank YOU. :speak_no_evil:


Well, full disclosure, I’ve not yet hit the rating “by accident” as yet. But it’s only because I’m so ultra paranoid of it happening, that I blow the page up to monstrous proportions (on my phone) to prevent it from happening every stinking time I want to favorite a recipe. And that’s frustrating as ¥¶@# to me, when (theoretically) it’s potentially something that’s easy to fix.


Oh, well, in that case… lol I can reveal to you that the feeling of panic that flushes over you at the moment when the five bright, shiny and hard earned stars vanish under your thumb, is not recommended. :see_no_evil: (And I feel that this is the moment to send my deepest apologies to whomever I may have hurt in this process.)

It would’ve been nice if it was possible to move it a little.


It’s been mentioned in the Forum before…the accidental brush across the stars/heart. I’ve done it countless times and can’t say I’ve checked that any didn’t get away from me…
Good call!