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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


Yeah, wasnt something i had seen before. I was going to PM you about it but this thread seemed like a good choice.

On a site with almost 50k public recipes and all that fancy coding one expects a ghost in the machine from time to time, hehe.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


No low ratings to date, though I did get a random 4 star other day, from someone who has no recipes, no forum posts, no nothing on the site. Seems odd to me, they didn’t comment, just hit the mix with a 4 star. Sometimes I wonder is it other mixers under side alias? My recipe has been doing well and is right up there on the Greek yogurt listing. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if there was strategic rating ongoing.


You guys want to see some bullshit? This guy, as well as others, got into a bit of a heated discussion with a group posting all Vape Wild flavorings recipes. The result was that people went around 1 staring recipes.

Who started it? Who knows but this here is some completely childish behavior.

@daath Hope all is well, bud. Sorry to keep bothering you about site stuff but i do i lot of recipe searching, comment viewing and ratings gawking.


Grrr. So sad and frustrating.


I agree, more spillover from reddit.


Once you start looking at those ratings you see Minion5
http://e-liquid-recipes.com/user/ratings/79956 blanket donrated prime1ndustries recipes



This may not be possible, but maybe if the person doesn’t have the ingredients for the recipe listed in their stash, they can’t rate it since allegedly they can’t have made it? Or maybe they have to have a certain number of recipes, even if they’re private? The effort these things take would probably eliminate the fake profiles and haters. TBH, I only look at ratings to see which brands are more common among all the options, not to decide who’s special or a genius or anything. I follow people who have odd ingredients that I’m trying to work with, not because they’re popular or highly rated.


With computers anything is possible, what might be more effective would make it so if those conditions were not met only that user could see their 1 star rating. But what might be easier to implement would be a checkbox for [ x ] Allow user ratings [ x ] Allow user comments


Yeah I have no idea about the programming that might be involved. I’ve seen a few comments where the person said they subbed this and that because they didn’t have something but then is it really the same recipe anymore? They probably know more about flavors than I do and maybe the flavors are so similar that it is the same or maybe not.


Grrrr! This makes me :rage:!


it is sad to see “adults” carry on this way but…Nobody swings a hammer like @daath!:smiley:


I hope it’s a hybrid swing… You know, part golf club (for distance), part hammer (for impact), and part jack hammer (for repeated reinforcement of the point).


yet another schmuck just went through all my recipes and 1star downgraded them, and I know even if he/she/it mixed the same day that I published it wouldn’t be steeped yet. so to those like @TheFlavorSeeker who actually made a recipe, or gleamed some information by adapting a recipe, please give a positive star rating to offset those haters that don’t even mix. I guess I have a problem, but when I’m criticized and I look to see who did it, and they have 0 recipes, no public flavor stash, and their ratings are full of 1star ratings on all my stuff I get really depressed.


Boo-hoo , they don’t like my shit… they rated my shit.
I would be so upset…I would slap my Grandma.
I am so full of sympathy,…I feel empty inside.


Oh ozo you silly guy.


ya i guess my brain is defective, what should I do? should I make all my recipes private again? I worked hard on an apple recipe for halloween, tried it and it was good, tried it today after a 2 week steep and its happy, It’s definitely best of my other 2 attempts, looked at the recipe and notice it’s been down rated and it isn’t steeped. It is sort of an empty feeling and I feel depressed. Then I looked in his star ratings and he had 1star on every recipe I had all on the same day, so I know he is not trying them, he just a hater :frowning:
ozo=wayneo ?


Maybe giving stars must be earned somehow, like badges in the forum. I almost feel like saying ‘sorry for your loss’. It’s just sad that some people degrade themselves to kr&@%# like that.


Don’t feel like that! If you’ll notice you have far more friends here than otherwise. So just ignore the shitheads and keep being cool! :slight_smile:


I’ll try I guess i’m too sensitive.