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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


That feature already exists. For example, look at Bust-A-Nut, Here’s some of the ratings -

What’s not a feature is requiring a comment for rating. Like the 1 star from Esoteric_Theorem. See I think that 1 star should require an accompanying comment or just not be allowed. This idea has floated here for some time but still nothing. I don’t know why but @daath could shed some light. Maybe it’s too complicated or something, or maybe it’s just pointless when people can either lie or otherwise make nonsense comments and still fulfill requirements. Personally I don’t care how folks rate my stuff so it makes it easy to ignore :slight_smile:


Lol. Well stand corrected. Never really saw
The “ratings” button. Downside of doing elr on a cell. Deleting my previous post and the summons. Lol.


:slight_smile: it’s all good man. I often forget that I’m a dinosaur using a PC :slight_smile:


what recipe if i have ingredients ill make it and give you a rating it deserves if you like , i tyoicalky dont make others recipes bc im too busy screwing up mine lol but seriously ive been meani g to follow a few on the forum , THE ASSHOLES who do this type of shit have no clue what it takes to make a good recipe that you actually want to share on the recipe page anyway id love to try anything you are proud of dont let this person beat you up btw CALL THEM OUT SO WE ALL KNOW WHO THE ASS IS


I think the schmuck removed some of his bad ratings he had left
You don’t have to mix anything just look and tell me what I’m doing wrong?
I’d rather that then just looking and 1staring it like its all wrong.


most my fruits are FA but i could adapt this with similar fruitsvand let you know how it turns out


I wouldn’t say you are doing anything wrong. A schumck will be a schmuck. Kinda sorta the unfortunate part of this discussion.

I always appreciate all those that share. Personally I’ve only posted two. Just to show I can create a personally created mixes. Show that I mix sometimes from left field. And so on.

My computer shows something different. Lots and lots of adapted recipes, twisted recipes and so on. I find enjoyment taking a product and screwing with it. But I don’t post them because it’s someone else’s pride and joy.

So all in all…many of us appreciate when people share.


Maybe not sensitive, but passionate. You try very hard to contribute to this community by learning and blending, and sharing. Like everyone else you want others to like your recipes. Problem is there will always be assholes in this world. All I can say is don’t allow these people get to you. Know your worth and don’t let the stars change that…


Have you posted any of your recipes in the new recipe showcase thread? New Recipe Showcase (2015-2016). No schmuks there!


Ya 1221, 1222 and 1226. Part of my problem is I don’t have a huge recipe stash, so if I adapt a recipe I have to make extreme changes. Those I don’t slam the author with negativity. I have suggested ppl to lower or raise their % if its way too high or low, but even then I don’t slam negativity. So when someone comes and 1-stars ALL my recipes, when I can tell by my publish date they didn’t make/steep it, and I think the juice is unique and tasty, my feelings get hurt. I am probably just too sensitive.


It’s been said before… The thing to remember Cosmic is that the actions of these f##kheads accounts for absolutely nothin. It’s not a reflection of the quality of ur recipe… it can’t possibly be because they 1 star the day u post!.. It’s just Schmucks being schmucks.
I’ve had a look at your recipes & I can see that you rate the recipes u post (nothin wrong with that - the few I’ve put up I’ve rated 5 too). I’m just thinking that you could try not rating them at all that way ur not giving Wayno stars to take away in the 1st place. I know he can still rate it a 1 if he wants but praps he won’t be attracted to it. There are those that, for what ever reason, get their knickers in a twist when a creator rates their own …especially when it’s a 5


What I was meaning here @CosmicTruth was that it would be a (much) friendlier place to put your recipes up rather than out in ‘Wayno’s World’. (I’m not sure you got that)


Nope, sorry to disappoint.
I don’t play games like that. What I do understand about life is…and I have said it before on this topic…if you make something public, and don’t copyright it, register it, patent it, etc., you don’t have any right to complain about what others do with/to it. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked. I am not saying it’s not wrong, disrespectful, childish, shitty, fukd up, immature,or asswipes…and it isn’t illegal for them to make money from it. That’s just reality, and this is social media…I wouldn’t expect anything else in this world today, but I don’t let it bunch my panties.


I get it

I can complain all I want, this is a free (somewhat) world right?
Furthermore I slept on it and I really am over it. Maybe the point of my post here is that IF you adapt a recipe and it is good, go back to the original recipe and give it some stars. Let folks know its a good recipe in the comments. If its crappy maybe give it 2 stars. But don’t just go through and rate a users every recipe 1 star. This guy it seems has gone back and deleted his 1 stars on my recipes now so he doesn’t look quite as bad, but I still want to exercise my right of free speech to him and others like him even if the moderators don’t like it I’m just passing this on from Mr Rogers Neighborhood:

If you are easily offended please do not press play, If your a schmuck press it.


Well, maybe @big_vape can shed some light on this? :stuck_out_tongue: Surely they can’t be 1-star quality.


This is the wrong place for fame and fortune, make your recipes, release what you want but know that this kind of stuff will happen, just enjoy vaping / DIY, that’s what we’re all here for, to be creative and share.


Things I didn’t need to know or picture.

Buuuuut, since you already drug that horse outta the barn: “… And if you turn to page 98,you’ll see the satin combo that our lovely model ozo is wearing. He’s accented with a non-slip ‘gun belt’ that won’t ride up, and yet is comfortable enough for all day wear…”


Is my exercise too much? I should delete that?


MR Rogers turned out to be M&M Rogers bwhahahaha

I’m on the fence about making this my profile pic


Now you have offended !!!

I’ll have you know that is SILK…