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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


Recipes I try and I like and I think they are commercial quality, I rate and comment what differences I tried on my adaption and how good it turned out. Recipes I see are too low or too high in flavor I comment or attempt to notify the author what I see is wrong. If I try something I just don’t like It is not a reason for low ratings, It may be my taste difference or a mistake I made mixing. If a recipe is too simple or too complex I don’t think that is a reason for me to rate low, however it may be a reason to not try it.


I agree with your overall sentiment here, but I can’t help but poke a bit of fun at the following:

Bwaaahahahahaha “commercial quality”!! FOCL

C’mon bud! You and I both know how many truly “meh” eliquids are out there for retail sale (=commercially). The majority of them are “ok” at best, even after you filter out all the damned strawberry variants of the same 3 or 4 recipes.

I’ve only had one local vendor’s liquid impressive enough for me to consider calling it “commercial quality”. I’ve tried quite a few of Beard Co., and many more of SB’s offerings too, including the crown or throne, etc lines (all of which seem to be hugely popular) and the majority of even those were merely ok. A few were even good.

I’ve only had one so far that just seriously dazzled me, and unfortunately, I don’t have the option to give them due credit. But I can say that ELR is THE BEST single source for multiple seriously impressive talents. So without violating a trust, I’ll say that everyone here already has access to the best commercial liquids IMO!! Or at least variations thereof! :wink:

/to the general topic:
Anyways, I think if you try a recipe here, and it’s within your palette range, then it’s only right to rate it (comments preferred). As long as it’s not rude or belittling, etc, then it should be worthy of posting your thoughts. It may inspire, educate, or enhance a mix for someone who feels they’re close, but decide to reach out there, instead of on the forums! =)


Take any decent recipe, add 3% sweetener, and bingo, there’s Commercial quality. At least that’s what they believe. Insta headache/overload to me.


I will leave a comment when I like it, when I don’t I just shrug, move on and try something else. There are some highly rated recipes out there that I don’t like at all. I don’t really see the point in downrating something that is probably good but not to my taste, anything containing strawberry for instance. :strawberry: I soon found out it is not for me, :scream: does that mean strawberry recipes are crap? No, it is just something I don’t like.
Also, it would be very time consuming to downrate all the recipes with strawberry in it :dizzy_face:


What are you trying to say? You act like there are a bunch of strawberry recipes on ELR. Geez! :laughing:


And another schmuck… no prizes for guessing what’s happened here



Grrrr, what an idiot!


The one he rated 5 stars has a 177 followers for his 6 recipes and wow are they mind blowing recipies and not all of them are full of links in the description like this one lol.


He has 19,000 YouTube subscribers - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCJLkXnDsaFxOBI1_v1t3f2Q


he is the number 1 go to guy in turkey. He is diyordie in turkey.

It is with a pinch of irony that one of the recipes he downgraded mother’s unicorn milk has a clone he does which looks good too called mother’s milk clone and it’s one of his popular recipes.

So he downgraded a recipe he thought good enough to clone.


Makes me feel like co-ordinating a mass downgrade on our behalf to get his attention and slap him on his wrist ourselves. But then I’d feel like the schmuck myself. Better anyone know how to swear in Turkish. Ha.


He "Buhar Odasi " didn’t actually downgrade anything , it appears he has only rated two recipes and neither was his and both were rated five stars.
I hate to “call you out” but I hate to see fingers pointed in the wrong direction so to speak.:grinning:

Member squeeze is the one who downgraded the recipe.


Wow… Bust-A-Nut with a 1 star rating…


Jeez, I’ll have to backtrack. No idea the track I was looking at. What a dooche.


It is no big deal , fortunately we have a great community that looks out for one another! That is how we roll!:+1:


Başkalarının DIY suyu tariflerinde bu kadar olumsuz davrantığınız için bir pisliksiniz. Volition, bilmenizi istedi


I wonder at times is it any worse than groups over-rating one another to get to the top? Like, VHM - c’mon, they have a Facebook group with hundreds of members. Only takes a small % of them to go 5 star their recipes.


I know this thread resurfaces often. Wish there was someway to have the ability to comment linked to the donations. Like when you donate to get the ads removed you also are allowed to comment.


What chu talkin bout, Batman?
Lost me, Big B.


Which part? The downgrading schmuck alert thread pops up a bunch. I know there’s been several suggestions on how to limit the number of drive-by downgradings. My thoughts are tie it to their wallet.