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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


I understand now…[ drive-by downgradings. ]…I fully agree.


I stopped looking at any and all ratings almost a year ago… best damn decision I ever made!

It will never end, for as long as there are Neanderthals with electricity and a keyboard. All my recipes could very easily have 1-star ratings for all I know. I just realized how utterly pointless it is to look and besides, I have enough fucktards in my life, why bring anymore into it :slight_smile:


While I like the concept of what your saying, I personally dislike like the idea of pay to play. I’d much rather have the ability to rate or comment on the recipe/flavor side tied to this side somehow, maybe like the badges are put out. I wouldn’t do it off of how many likes a person has since they could just create multiple accounts and give themselves likes.


Requiring someone to be a forum member with a certain number of forum post, maybe a certain number of post over a period of time would eliminate a lot of the driveby spammers and shit raters.


Most of the downgrading schmucks don’t have any public recipes, so imo that should be one of the requirements before rating. Also as mentioned 1 or more forum posts would be a good secondary requirement.


i love your pay to play idea ive often felt an annual fee of say 12 to 15 $ a year would allow a person to remove ads , comment and rate recipes , use forum and chat room , use recipes etc , i also like the addition of @CosmicTruth a person should also post an original recipe the recipes could still be looked up for free but a cheap annual fee opens the door to a lot more imo to be honest this forum has its own value imo


Why does everyone assume that is was done out of spite?. Maybe the person genuinely didn’t like the recipes and gave them an honest rating. We’ve all seen it written a million times when it comes to vape reviews, ‘it’s all subjective’.


That’s totally true, however genuinely disliking 3 of the most liked recipes drops that chance considerably. 1 believable, 2 maybe, 3 looks very suspicious. Just sayin.


I know exactly what you mean. I was just looking at it from another perspective.


The Schmucks who have signed up a few hours or even a day or two before rating are obvious. How can they rate something that needs a week or a month steep when they haven’t been around that long? Sure they could see and try the recipe without signing up but it seems fishy, lol.

The pay to play idea seems unfair because a lot of people are dead broke but they might have valuable input but a hardcore schmuck with a grudge might happily pay money to cause trouble. Also, tying it to forum post might not be fair either since some people shy away from social interaction. (like me half the time, lol.) It seems only fair to use a combination of factors though. Maybe something like, having their account for 30 days + 10 forum posts OR 60 days +10 public recipes OR 90 days for those folks who don’t make their own recipes and don’t socialize.

For what it might be worth, since I have so many recipes now I’ve started rating my own just to find the ones I’m working on or making a lot of. This isn’t meant to indicate they’re very good so most are still private. The ones that both my kids and I liked a lot are made public. For other people’s recipes, I only look at the rating to try and tell the possibly failed experiments from the ones that worked out pretty well for people.


It could be done with having to add a reason for a rating - I choose not to down vote a recipe just because it wasn’t to my taste some people are different if they dont like something they are quick to pull the trigger on a 1 or a 2 star rating.

Introducing another rating system wouldn’t be as trivial as it sounds tying it to other things introduces more complexities.

But it would be nice to see why people are voting.

The star rating could still be calculated based on all ratings but a more detailed system when you get to the recipe page would be cool

5 star (100)
4 star (30)
3 star (10)
2 star (5)
1 star (2)

Clicking on a number could show reasons for the vote. I am not saying this is an easy bit of code to write nor am I suggesting that it would stop a down vote but it may put a down vote in perspective.


What is wrong with these people?



These are obvious sockpuppet accounts created by cowards just so they can be anonymously douchey


Yeah @Bati4eli What’s the dealio?


A not a single comment in that persons history that’s what ticks me off rate what ever you think but by all means leave a comment at least have the guts to say what you didn’t like about it or me for that matter Bc I honestly think it’s a jelousy issue most the time and they’re insecure lil twits.


what is the point of a grading system if people cant give a recipe one star ??? maybe this person doesnt like those recipes… i do agree with @Amy2 though if a person is going to downgrade a recipe they should say why but its not required , for instance the orange cream is a single flave recipe should have they put five stars on it ??? or is it the belief that if you dont like a recipe just dont rate it ??? if thats the belief whats the point of allowing others to rate a recipe ? im just wondering if i try a bunch of recipes and dont like them and rate them with one star am i now a schmuck ???


That’s exactly the point I made too


some things are obvious, but this person downgrades strawberry creams and a single flave orange cream it seems to me they might not like strawberry and cream …


A vaper that doesn’t like strawberry and cream?. They just cut out about 90% of all juices they can vape lol


id rather have a honeydew or sweet guava lol i hear ya though it is the easiest fruit to work with