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Downgrading Schmuck Alert!


Ry4 all the way for me. I should try more fruity mixes though.


im buying some ry4 and vanilla tobaco this week for my fiance ive never used them or never liked tobaccos but my fiance wants to try them she still craves the taste of tobacco


The two I linked you to in the other thread are excellent.


thats right we had this convo already lol ty


I’ve always thought being required to leave a comment when you rate is a great idea. What do you think @daath and @jojo? It’s been brought up enough times now I think it warrants at least a bit of feedback.

Yeah, it wouldn’t fix the problem entirely but it would shed more light on the douchbaggery.


I’ve brought it up as well. They’d prob type NA in there then rate it a 1 star no real way to get them to be thoughtful in their douchebaggery


Well it should be a requirement to put a substantive comment…more than simply I don’t like it. If they can’t manage that then do they really deserve to speak star language? I don’t think so.


I agree w/ you wholeheartedly :kissing_heart:
Love to speak star language :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:


All of the recipes this guy rated have Bavarian cream in common they all have a graham cracker element, the strawberry cream recipes are basically identical & orange cream is a stand alone.

This could be totally genuine, and understandable and also a tad strange.

I don’t think this warrants a schmuck alert at all. I think we should look a little deeper, these recipes aren’t highly rated ones. It’s an odd mixed with a common thread of the same basic flavours. Personally, I think we should retract. Do have a Look at the recipes guys. We should hold innocent until proven guilty, obviously and this one is inconclusive no doubt.


As they say here in the South…that dog don’t hunt. So what are you saying, this Mensa member went to the trouble to look up recipes that contain things he doesn’t like so he can 1 star them? Puhlease.

Innocent until proven guilty? Hell man if he had a few ratings that weren’t single stars it would be plausible. But those few is all he’s rated. I say “he” because that’s a guess. Could be a chick but it’s more a dick move and I’d be willing to bet 99.999% of the schmucks are male. So only has rated a few recipes. Rated them all at the same time. And all were 1 star with no comments. Oh yeah, sounds like a real stand up dude.


Nope, never said that. I’m saying I have no idea what happened here. It’s strange as buggery to me.
You are most likely right. But it’s still not conclusive to me and all your points are valid. The defense attorney for this dude would be shitting bricks. It doesn’t look good. But it’s just really weird a part of me just doesn’t understand it. All the other downgraders have a pretty clear pattern, this one is bizarre.


Pattern? Well he’s rated 7 recipes. All were 1 star. Has commented on zero recipes. Now I’m no rocket surgeon but that looks like a downgrading schmuck to me. Question is, what do you think his next rating will look like?


Yeah I agree with the rating. It’s the choice of recipe it’s weird. Why those recipes, what’s the motivation? What’s in it for him (99% males remember)


Well you said there’s no pattern. But there really is. Keep looking. You’ll figure it out. I hope :wink:


It would be great if users would follow instructions and let a recipe develop before rating. Maybe it’s not a full shmuck alert, but the instructions were not followed. It was rated in only a couple of hours after mixing (if mixed at all), when the recipe requires a overnight breathe and a 3-4 week steep.


Now thats a downgrading schmuck alert For sure


Maybe they put the mix between their butcheaks and squeezed really hard thinking it was a new hyper speed steep method. :ok_hand::poop::poop::ok_hand:


Please don’t give them ideas lol


Diggin just a bit deeper one can see this the account was most likely created for some type of nonsense.

His very first recipe posted has 4 votes all within 9 minutes time, one vote is his. All the accounts were created around the same time, i checked this all out yesterday as someone mentioned it in chat, all of them have voted for just one recipe which was his. With the exception of one recipe they picked recipes that were on the front page at the same time.

This person is obviously trying to make the account look legit, clearly they are up to no good.


That’s some dumb shit. What’s the point? Some people…