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Dripping for flavor testing, which dripper and tip?


Ok. New to diy flavors and have never dripped. Trying to be frugal but smart and safe. It seems no bridgeless non rebuildable drip attys are made for dual cell mods. I want as close as possible flavor to my smok alien baby beast tank but without spending a billion dollars in replacement attys. They’re about 4 or 5 bucks per atty for the t8 coil.

Which drip atty and tip do i buy for a sub mod that i don’t have to build coils?

This is my mod. 220w, 3000mah dual cell, usually at 50-55w.

I do not want to build coils


Can i use the kp long barrel sealed bridgeless on a dual cell as long as i keep the c at the proper temp?

The 1.5 ohm isn’t available, so would 2ohm be okay?


rba for you beast and buy premade coils they are super cheap , or buy pre made clapton wire and just wrap it its also easy , im not familiar with the item i. your second post but im not sure you will get close to the same flave as what your looking for


Like this? And just wick it with cotton?



yes maam thats what i do , or you can get a spool of already twisted clapton and wrap that around a jig super easy


That is kinda low for that coil, they recommend 120-180 watts for it, just a heads up.


That’s a great option, but what would be the issue making your own coils like @fidalgo_vapes says it’s really easy you’ll learn very fast and rdas are fairly cheap and is by far the best way imho to test flavors and the flavor will be much greater then most tanks you can’t go wrong! And if you start building coils I’d be more then happy to help with wattage and ohm advice as I’m sure most here would be as well! A few YouTube videos on coil building for rdas and a few try’s you should be set! I have one of these and is very easy to build on https://www.vapordna.com/Vaporesso-Nalu-Two-Post-Glass-Integrated-RDA-p/vanalu.htm once you start building coils you will save a ton of loot as well I have pretty much retired my tfv8 and blazer 200 just due to the fact it’s like 20 for a three pack and seem to go through them quickly. Also every once in awhile you’ll get a bad coil even new and it pisses me off :rage:! Anyway long post but hopefully this helps you!

Your favorite RDA for testing new DIY e-liquid recipes?

Unless you like a cool vape, in which case 50-60 is great for .4ohms!


@SensesTaker not to try and make this any more complicated for you, but I would stay away from that kit from KidneyPuncher. As @fidalgo_vapes indicated, getting pre-made coils is your next best bet. The one item that seems to be overlooked is an actual RDA. @GalacticResidue linked to one from vapordna. Not sure if you have ventured over to fasttech (also known to many as slowass-shipping-tech) but you can buy a clone of many of the most popular rda’s out there. I grabbed a clone of Goon RDA and it works fabulously for testing out mixes. One item of note, based on my experience so far, is that it will be tough to get an exact hit/flavor match from an RDA to the baby beast tank. I have a TFV12 and it chucks clouds and is decent in terms of flavor, but still not an RDA. But I digress and am approaching a whole other rabbit-hole (mods/tanks debates on best flavor)…All of this said, if you are intent on sticking with this tank you can get this:

BUT, you will be limited a little in terms of size for prebuilt coils as the wire cannot touch the outside metal or it will create a short. Someone else in the forums will have to speak to wicking this particular RBA and if it leaks…I’ve tried rba’s in my TFV4 but find that unless the wicking is just right, they end up leaking…and it’s frustrating to lose a tank of juice that you’ve been patiently waiting on during a multi-week steep…


Perfect if you don’t want to wrap own coils you can always do the pre wrapped which is good but still would need any rda there are cheap clones like @FMAM mentioned even local shops usually carry clones as well for like 10 bucks but triple posted rdas are just a tad trickier then say dual posted ones but I have two tri posted ones and once u get used to it it Cake walk! Also demon wheel has several prebuilt coils at different ohms and are fairly cheap! https://www.centralvapors.com/demon-killer-coils-48-pcs-8-types-of-prebuilt-coils/ cheap as well!


I get that you don’t want to build coils but seriously, if you get something like a little 22mm Tsunami it is a breeze. You can build just a single coil for it. You can wick it any way you want. Can’t wick the thing wrong. If you buy premade coils its a matter of tightening two screws. Then just glob some liquid on top of the coil a vape away! There is no Voodoo in this. I know some folks who have to use Velcro on their shoes that can build on an RDA.


that is hilarious


X4 coils are best for flavour imho. Tried most of the pre built coils for this tank, t8 are decent though. I share your apprehension with regards to building rda/rdta but I suppose it’s something that diy mixers have to get around to eventually


Speaking of rdas just picked up this today! https://www.elementvape.com/icon-rda-by-vandy-vape-mike-vapes-hedged-airflow All this talk made myself want another one lol


Thank you!! I bought the smok rda for the baby beast and some prebuilt coils. All i have to do is wick it. I don’t really want to build coils due to small children, lack of sleep and potentially exploding a battery in my face from a stupid mistake :joy:


I said to my hubby we’ll save money if we vape… So much$$$$ to smoke cigs these days… then i fell into the rabbit hole of vaping.

Smoke shop flavor testing, bumping up from ecig, to pens, to better pens, to tanks on pens, to sub mods, now ive gone and ordered a flipping dripper atty :joy: and started diy flavors… and designing labels… and ordering bottles…next up is surely a metering device and wires :roll_eyes:


That’s the rba i ordered. I haven’t used fast tech yet, but ive seen it mentioned several times in the forum. I’ll double check the coils to be sure they fit. I ordered a 2nd baby beast tank and extra cartridges just in case.


I ended up buying both :no_mouth: we’ll see what to think of it soon i guess. I image I’ll like dripping, but really when the kids get past the toddler stage I’ll bust into coil building. It’s inevitable.


I completely understand about constant upgrades it does cost a lot! Eventually you’ll catch up and finally start to save once you get a stock pile of flavors and what not it has cost me quite a bit maybe 400$ or so to get a good start at diy but once you have everything thing you need you’ll be set for a while! Before diy I checked how much I spent after approximately 6-8 months and had spent a whopping 2600$ on juices and those damn expensive coils! But now that I have diy materials and 100ft of 24 gauge 316 ss wire I’m pretty good to go! I figure maybe for a year I’ll spend 300 or so maybe less or maybe more depending on how many flavors I’ll keep buying it pretty addictive as well! But I still would rather spend 300-400 a year versus 3000$ so I don’t know. But I think you’ll start to see savings once you have a nice stock of flavors and materials! Those damn coils for a tfv8 were really adding up lol so then went to rda and have already saved a ton on that alone! 100ft of wire cost me 18$ and cotton is cheap as well! Anyway good luck and more importantly have fun! Ttyl :+1:


I need to wait for my coil master… i plopped some cotton into the rba because it was a prebuilt coil on the deck, nothing touching, it fired right with even heating across the coils before i added cotton…so i added juice, and my mod said “don’t abuse product” and “short” so i put it away until i can test on an ohm reader. Same crap with the kp. Said “no coil” , then finally got it to read, dropped 3 drops took a hit and got the nastiest taste of burnt air. I’m pretty mechanically inclined, so I’m annoyed, but very happy i ordered a backup tank and replacement cartridges :grin:

I’ll have to wait until i read more and watch a few more videos, and most importantly, get an ohm reader. I’ll likely go the route of rda soon for tasting, but looking for a good base… I’ve got a bunch of bases