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Dripping for flavor testing, which dripper and tip?


Not everything, but just what all was nearby. Shouldn’t i be able to use the kp dripper with something i have?? If i toss the kp, which rda is best? And which base?


If you toss the kp and go with an rda, you can likely get away with using that Tesla two or your alien base. The kp might work on an ego battery, but I’d start at the lowest setting possible…


Thanks. Is there a wattage rec for the kp? Their website wasn’t super helpful.


did you end up buying the 2 ohm version?


Yeah. The 1.5 was out of stock. I got the dripper delight pack


I would keep wattage in the single digits to start…as low as you can go and work up to prevent nasty dry hits…Most E-go batteries put out 3.3V if memory serves correctly…depending on number of wraps in the atomizer, one can tell what wire gauge is and what that voltage will translate to in terms of wattage and heat flux (how hot the vape will be)…this site is very handy for doing to calculations:

especially once you get an rda and IF you happen to start wrapping your own coils…


If… :rofl: you know i will. I’m looking up the rda linked by galactic, and your goon.


It’s a slippery slope for sure! Lol Keep in mind that the flavor you’ll get from a dripper vs prebuilt coils is night and day, I ditched my prebuilts on the tfv8 as soon as I tried one! That being said, testing on a dripper, but using a prebuilt coil for vaping will not yield the same experience! I just don’t want you to fall in love with a mix on a dripper, then put it into your tank and wonder why it doesn’t taste the same. We’re all here for you, no one was born knowing this stuff, we all had to learn! You picked a helluva good group of people to ask as well. Vape on and have fun! Like Twisted says, “It doesn’t matter what you’re vaping on, so long as you’re off the stinkies”. That dude cracks me up lol


I like my 22mm Tsunami in single coil mode (for flavor testing) cause the taste is awesome and it is easy to clean & rewick. I can also set it up for low/high ohms and in various coil diameters for testing at different wattage.


I agree! Vape pens helped me quit smoking cold turkey a couple years ago, but i picked it back up, unfortunately. Hoping getting obsessed with diy liquids is going to help me kick it again.


I’ll look that one up. I’ve not seen 22m coils standard with any of the rdas. I see 24mm. Im interested and willing to try anything to get the right combo.


I was saying the Tsunami is a 22mm version as opposed to the newer one that is 24mm. (in base diameter)


This one?


Yep! That’s the one…great flavor, easy to build, and clean. If you don’t mind foreign shippers you ought to be able to get one from China for around $20 easily. i.e: https://www.fasttech.com/product/4294801-authentic-geekvape-tsunami-rda-rebulidable


I think everything i order on Amazon is from China, so I’m not concerned about foreign shipping. I’ll have to wait until next pay day, but I’ll be looking at this as a good option. Im still waiting on my meter


Good question! I haven’t dropped before either, but I figured it’s about time to figure it out, and my search brought me to your post!


The kp was a disappointment. If you find a better one, tag me :grin: i had trouble finding a mod to pair it with, and i got a lung full of dry nasty on my last hit. GL!


Aaaand a magnetic mixer :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s hilarious reading my old comments


I sure will!! I am not going to order anything immediately, but I want to start learning about this and building coils. I am a DIYer in so many ways, and like you said “it just seems inevitable”! I am going to start watching some videos, reading posts and I can learn what I need to know before I do any shopping. I already have a tank with an RDA deck as well as one for purchased coils. So, I am set there! Good luck! I’m sure we will both be there sooner than expected!


I’ve never met a craft i didn’t excel at after a few thousand hours of research and a couple good YouTube videos.