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Drunken Custard - Barrel and Wood Steeping Methods


LOVE this, I have just made a ‘Long Castle’ clone and steeped it in a jar along with some Jack Daniels oak barrel chips for 4 weeks, I have to say, what a difference!, this is definitely my next step, or for smaller batches this is supposed to work really well,



What a cool site! Guitar shaped spatula, motocycle pizza cutter, oh yeah!


That’s what the Ninja Beefcake 2000 is for. It Pulverizes! It juices! It Shar Pei’s! And it chops lumber into bits of kindling while redecorating your kitchen in seconds! All with just a single button!

I am going to bottle mine this weekend. I think the barrel aging process is complete.


Remember me when you decide to send some out to buddies…:yum::joy:


I have a list :wink:

I just ordered more flavoring to make a gallon lol. My hands nearly had a fight with each other when I poured the last of my MF Vanilla into the mix.


Found an Oak Custard at a local B&M. Great in dripper (Velocity dual Ti) …meh in tank …and changed mind great in tank at higher temp


Why dont use f.ex FA Oakwood flavor?
Then you dont get the phenols, charring carbon an the wood oils from the barrel…


Ha, I actually got a motorcycle pizza cutter for my secret santa last year…this year…silver plated ball scratcher…go figure :confused:


Thanks for the information! I’ve been playing with making reserves and had also been pondering on trying this route out. I love Five Pawns Gentleman’s Reserve, and also Steam.CO GR Reserve. They both use this technique for their special reserves. I’ve still yet to find a clone recipe or figure out what Steam.Co is doing different in their GR, to me it’s got more coconut and something else too.


Maybe they are sleeping their juice in a coconut shell. I actually thought of trying that a while back when I was playing around with coconut flavors and wasn’t getting the coconut I was after. I bet there are a lot of things you can put into a steeping e-juice to impart flavor. Things like dried cherries or other fruit. Like others have been doing with tobacco and coffee or tea.


It wont be long until someone introduces a Mezcal Worm to their e liquid…


And if worms arent your thing…


@Grubby I am not drinking Cobra Scorpion Mescal! …ok maybe just one :sunglasses: I mean we could split a bottle, but who’s gonna bail me out?

Cheers Mate!


Im gonna see what an 18.00 Siete Estrellas Bolivian coffee bean does to this graham cracker marshmallow…


Holy Lord in Heaven!


Please tell me that you don’t mean a single bean costs $18…!




Ahh, phew! Lol


No…3/4 of a pound.


That’s the stuff baby! Knock you on your can delicious. This was a birthday present from my husband we don’t buy this coffee all the time. We order it once every 2-3 months. (It is is worth every dime though, all St. Frank’s coffees are fabulous)