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Drunken Custard - Barrel and Wood Steeping Methods


@LordVapor hello! planning on giving this a shot, either with an oak barrel or wood chips. planning on mixing 1L~

looking for some support on material to use and also the filtration process?



Appreciating the bump. If you use the materials linked above (Thanks @Ken_O_Where!) filtration might not be your problem


The finer details on just how to get that oakey smokey flavor into a juice is more the challenge. I had some grand Smoked Oak Custard but I think it just had some moonshine poured in (crusty coils?) A real medium smoked oak extract would hit the spot @Walt_RealFlavors :wink:

Thanks for reminding me to order these @DIYjosh

Ooops and on Amazon…

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Your wish is my command…



@BoDarc, @Walt_RealFlavors, thanks for the response.

right now its a toss up between using the same keg as shared. i was planning on pre-treating the oak barrel with jack daniels Tennessee honey whiskey for 3-4 weeks. for filtering of the whiskey and e-liquid from the oak barrel i found some inexpensive 200-220 micron natural material filtering bags used to making various types of nut milk and other extracts.


using a flavor concentrate similar to what @Walt_RealFlavors has shared.

ill be sure to share as i go down whatever path i choose. ive already imported and adapted LordVapor’s original “drunken custard” to my shared profile including my adaptation of the mixing and maturing process. i plan to update it later with links to the products i use to create this recipe.

thanks again for sharing,


I like this the most because I have not just made a flavor order. I’ll be picking up some of that… :heart_eyes:


I used cheesecloth to filter the liquid. I have clamps that mount to the rod of my magnetic stirrer that hold the containers at whatever angle I need to let them drain completely.

Similar to this setup

I am back online here and there. I need a new PC but will chime in when I can. I wanted to tell you guys that the Drunken Custard I made here is a holy shit kinda good. I have 120 oz left. The people that have tried it were as blown away as I am. Buy many barrels right now. Steep everything in them LOL. I am not sure I will ever make anything else but barrel juice from now on.


Welcome home. :slight_smile:

With some of my oak chip tests i took them out after a month and then let the liquid cure for a couple more months.

I didnt really play around much after that but considered dropping a handful in a gallon of VG.

So many flavors, so little time.


Thanks! Missed ya man. I am sending you a PM.


do you soak it with pg, vg, a mix of pg/vg or something else?


I asked a lady from the company I bought the barrel from and she said to use water only. It is just to swell up the wood so it seals. The water evaporates.


That’s a beauty! I’m long and far away from mixing like this but I’m a custard junkie and drooling as I write. Quite an inspiration, thank you.


Aw snap! They discontinued this item. I’ll be hunting around; really want one (or two, for the wine). Thx for the link.


The barrels that I bought are on sale guys! Really good deals on them right now. Both the black hoop and the galvanized are discounted - http://oakbarrelsltd.com/


You got me! I just purchased a 1 litre cask from the link you posted. I’m new to diy and still experimenting with recipes but hoping a simple custard recipe will be enhanced by your method. I’ve always wanted to try experimenting with liquor flavors so thanks for the inspiration.


For those of you into RF SC flavors I adapted one of the soul custardy recipes someone posted a private recipe sneak peek of and it turned out pretty tasty IMO

Soul Custardy v1.00 (RFSC)
1.75% Vanilla Custard (Real Flavors)
0.50% Cream (Real Flavors)
0.50% Graham Cracker (Real Flavors)
0.40% Butter Toffee (Real Flavors)
0.25% Bourbon (Real Flavors)
0.20% Brown Sugar (Real Flavors)

There are a few versions of it posted if you do a recipe search.


Oh boy, this sounds right up my alley! A 1000 thx


Noticed the corner store has some sort of age your own whiskey kit in the show case for like $20 that comes with a 2 (I think) liter barrel…


here are the non Real Flavors recipes if you need them - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?q=soul+custardy


Thank you. I’ve never used RFs but always wanted to. Is there anything different I need to keep in mind? Or an info guide on it that I can research?


For a recipe using the SC line I shoot for 3.5% total. Some like more, some like less. This is a good calculator for adapting recipes with higher percents down to 3.5% - http://www.e-liquid-scripts.com/cosmiccalc

I tested 5 of the VG flavors (didn’t care for them personally), have 27 of the SC flavors on hand and plan to order a ton more later this year after I have used up all my older TFA, FA, FW, etc flavor stash.

Here are some threads you can learn more about the RF SC and VG flavors from @Walt_RealFlavors