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Dupe Checker


Im going through and merging flavorings so if yours changed either it was entered wrong or i broke it.

If there are any issues please let me know and i will let someone moar smarterer than me look at it.

A Monster Created - mass flavorings
"ELR Mixology Diploma" (Maths, Flavour Names 'n Stuff)

I think you will manage just fine :thumbsup:


Hallelujah, brother!



Believe me when i say that this is a hella big task even after all the stuff JoJo and daath have done. This might sound a bit twisted but its my kind of fun.

But if anyone should run into problems just holler. :slight_smile:


Anyone with the tiniest fraction of OCD would see the fun in that :innocent: and also the frustration. Brace and enjoy!


When you say brace and enjoy i sort of get a bit scared


You should be, @Underanne plays rough with some kinky toys :laughing:


Aww, you shouldn’t be. You’re a little sensitive aren’t you, sweetie, it’s all for the good. :wink: :grin:


I think that was @VapeyMama:innocent:


You guys are 2 of a kind :laughing:


It’s probably a terribly wrong answer, but thank you, that’s an honor! :grin:


Man the Freak Friday thread is spilling over into the forum like a virus :joy: @Underanne

@Ken_O_Where what should I look for exactly if something is broken?


Hey, you can’t blame me for this, it’s all on @Fenrir1


Oh no you don’t, you don’t get to put the blame on me when you and Vapey is behind it :imp:


You started it by saying:

Oh yep. You did.


Pffffttttt is all i can say


Sister from another mister. :wink:


Is that the new safety sound?


I need to catch you up from last week.

Apparently there is no safe words or sounds according to @VapeyMama and @Underanne

Good luck!


@Ken_O_Where … good luck buddy! :flushed: