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Dupe Checker


This sounds like an insane job to take on. Without question it needs doing though.
Best of luck with it. :+1:


You mean safe word… No idea what the girls use as a safe word since i never been part of the act so to speak :wink:


Nah you said pfffft haha I figured that’s the let me out sound when all else fails :rofl:


Ooo, we get to play, er-uh… creatively? {brow raise, sneaky smile} I’m gonna need a bigger ‘like’ ‘comment’ quota LOL


You would probably enjoy this thread :grin:



…gonna need you to “bless” this:

…gonna be used to “help out” those folks that screw up @Ken_O_Where 's work. :japanese_goblin:


Thanks for the help, folks. Ive gotten through some of the dupe queue, i had it nearly cleared yesterday tho im sure it wasnt that many compared to the past.

If anyone else cares to help jump on in, the water is acid and it burns so be careful.

Someone bought the Karate Kid boxset today so now im being forced to watch it, kinda makes me wish the water was acid…


I haven’t looked/played at the dupes for months, I didn’t see any of the numbers going down.
Is there a way for flavors to be placed as “private” so if a person wants to place a flavor in for their own use it wouldn’t show up on the list? i.e. @Ken_O_Where wants to call Butterfinger (SC) Real Flavors something like (SC) Butterfinger 3%, could he make that as a private flavor so it only shows up for him?
It’s pretty sad that the mods have to basically babysit this thing, but as much as I personally like freedom to do as I wish to do things some type of rules need to be used. I mean one of the first things on the list is something called “1mg-1” and if you follow it through… :

Now I’m not trying to say a person should have to be a forum user to be active in the recipe/flavor side of things, but I do think a person should at least get a learners permit or some practice before driving a car for the first time… I know it’s a bad analogy but then again, maybe they (Oguz4), are following the guidelines and it’s just me that isn’t looking at things as they should be… an open arena so people can do as they please… “shrugs”


There isnt but that is a good idea, from my point of view which is certainly more limited than @daath’s. There is a lot of that stuff in the list, having the ability to make it private would be a big help, for users and us.


You will start seeing a bunch of my dupe suggestions coming over. Only if that helps lol. Don’t want to make more work for anyone but I can lend my ocd skills…yes…skills lol.


Hope you can figure out the Arabic ones (I think they are… or Asian) better than me g


Oh Lord hahaa so is it just dupes or dupes and made up flavors?


I mean, if someone is going to clean up the list… then I (imho) would think both areas need to be corrected. Problem is, when those things the person working on the list believes to be “made up” is actually a thing that a user is actually using as a valid ingredient. It really wouldn’t be good (or nice) just to kill off an ingredient just because it is unknown to the person attempting to correct a possible issue. I mean, I have a local manufacture of ingredients, they actually make ingredients as does CAP or TPA, but I haven’t seen them on the listings. If I started using their brand of ingredients and someone came behind me because it wasn’t known to them and deleted them out, I’d be pissed. I don’t believe it’s the intentions of the people dupe checking to remove items just because they don’t know what they are… which makes things both touchy and difficult.


Totally agree. I can understand stones and bases, new manufacturers etc. Maybe in the future there can be a check box to tick for those when someone inputs.


Another thing to consider when doing the dupe compiling is the notes… I think it came to light a few months ago that when combining like ingredients (dupes) some of the notes may not transfer over, which (again) could/would understandably make some people upset (to loose notes they may have been using). Basically a bag of worms that (again imho) needs to be corrected (all the dupes) but at the same time would be time consuming unless the notes could also be moved for those that did the addition of the ingredients (or are using them) are also moved.
Maybe a disclaimer or sticky topic announced to all members stating that the ingredient list is being compiled to make the site faster and that members that have utilized the ingredient list in the past and have added onto it with truncated or improper ingredients may loose data unless action is taken for THEM to make corrections to the items they have added may loose their notes.
Again… I still see people getting mad even if it caused by their own mistakes or decisions to use an un-conformed structure for items. But I’m just talking out my a$$ of course… it isn’t my call.


I’m with you. I’m sure no matter what, some people would be upset. However, for the sake of sanity and organization, I’m sure things will get better.


Maybe @daath can send out a mass email to let people know that we’re in the process of integrating all of the flavors that are listed under different names and that their notes might be affected. Then they can come and see if they need to move their notes or save them somehow. I know I’ve mentioned before the idea of having flavor categories for the standard companies vs NETs/DIYs, vs obscure flavor companies vs stones, etc. That might help too but I don’t know if it would be really hard for Lars to code that.


My opinion is that any new flavor or company that is added to the database should be added “pending approval” (maybe be displayed as a different color in the recipe). That would be a pain in the ass because someone would have to verify and approve it but it’s the only way that the flavor list will ever be organized and consistent. All flavor companies should be assigned a specific abbreviation and flavors should be entered in a predefined way.


Here is a fine example I got about 6 flavors gifted from another member all 8ml bottles from (Vice Electronic Cigarettes) my best Google attempts didn’t find squat for the company or the flavors. I listed them as (VEC) not knowing any better but searching likely will lead to the same blank wall I found on them. They look like TPA glass bottles and could be a rebottle as the flavors seem to be in the general range of the rest of the flavors I have from assorted companies.
I’ve found several entries for Amoretti flavors and adding one of my own for Sour Cream (Amoretti) Birthday Cake coming up most often it seems.
Sorry if I’ve added to the general confusion in the flavor stacks but it’s not all my fault LOL.
Pending approval isn’t a bad idea. Lumping all the unknowns in the (Other) category would work too and let the users of the weird, unknown and seldom seen keep track in their own notes.


@Ken_O_Where I started on my dupe check journey…ummm yep journey…what I am doing for now is starting with Cappella, going down the list of the flavors that have been inputted correctly and recipe count ex. Sweet Strawberry (CAP) then checking for dupes…then sending my suggestions via the magic button. I believe you will be checking notes as well on the suggested dupes just in case. I am also keeping a separate list of the suggestions I have done apart from the ELR Check My Suggestions list. I will stick to brands,flavors and proper input form for now and hopefully in the future when brands are done go onto the “made up” ones. Hope this helps you guys.