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Dupe Checker


That sad thing is that @JoJo had cleaned up CAP not all that long ago.



A lot of people who have made dupe suggestions will only search TPA or TFA. While that is great and totally appreciated it is only part. When i search a flavor for dupes i use just the flavoring name, no company.

One of the really crazy things is that despite the years ive been mixing and number of flavorings i have owned there are more, sooooooo fracking many more…

One thing i would love to have is a rebranding list, merge all rebranded flavorings with the main manufacturer.


It’s absolutely mind boggling how many flavors are not just duped but misspelled. Hurts my brain lol. I’ll keep plugging away at it with any free time.


I hear ya, its right there on the bottle… lol

Many thanks, im taking the night off. I dont know how many i went through yesterday but it was enough to overload my remaining brain cell.


the david spade meme at the top… facking hilarious


Good for you! :grinning:

…ya don’t wanna wind up in the same room with these dupe checkers! Poor saps…:scream:



That was me a few months ago (against the wall on the left).
As a suggestion for those working the dupes, only do a few dozen or so, let the person combining the suggested dupes do their thing, then go about doing a few more dozen. This would help stop people duplication of the dupe checking (i.e. multiple people attempting to dupe check the same things). It may also be good to reaffirm the proper wish for how Real Flavors SC is going to be listed in another thread I had seen suggestions but nothing confirmed. Pear Real Flavor (SC), Pear (SC) Real Flavor, Pear RF (SC), or Pear (SC) RF… just suggestions.


They are listed as Pear (SC) (Real Flavors)

I remember something about the parenthesis being needed for sorting or recognition? Can’t remember but saw it in a thread somewhere.


Dude you are the fuckin man…doing this will make ELR even greater than it is


Whenever I get a brand new flavor, I usually go through what I believe are duplicates and submit that clean up entry for daath. I’ve probably done around 30 so far.

I was thinking just like (cap) we should have a (pvt) then free from for the name.

Perhaps even making ‘vendor type’ a singular database entry and the user must choose that entry, then perhaps a freeform for the flavor name, or try to get a complete listing of flavors for that vendor would help.

New vendors would need approval before adding to the list. In the meantime, they could use (pvt)


That’s the way I do it too, dupe check my own flavors as I add them to the stash.


I tried to do all the Meringue dupes last month, eventually I searched “NGUE” and then reported dupes per vendor.
Still in the last month there are over 100 new recipes misspelling it; various maringue, merengue, merangue and a “lwmon meringue” of unspecified vendor. Not to mention almost 500 new recipes using “FA Meringue” which someone has inexplicably clicked the second option in the dropdown instead of the green coloured one “Meringue - Flavour Art (61534)”


Painful, absolutely painful. And that is just one flavor!


Thank You Ken!!! I appreciate that! If I can help, let me know!


would it be possible to put a “Dupe Report” button on the flavor page itself?


Thats one for Mister @daath to consider.

So running through some dupes, if you see a hit on a mix marked as private please dont freak out, it aint the Russians. From time to time we have to look at a private mix to determine wtf the flavor could possibly be. And believe me when say that i dont remember a thing, i have a notification thing on my tablet to tell me when my wifes birthday is…

If i mess something up please holler.


Not sure if it’s dupe but look like need work with the flavor naming


take that guy down to the river w/ a concrete block



I like that idea!


Before 21 days I ask him for one of his ‘‘flavor’’ names but no respond.


Hello @jush501, although your mix does look nice, attention was brought to it via your misspelling of flavorings. A lot of work has and currently is been done to clean up the database. Start w/ your stash and correctly list all your flavorings so they are a top your drop down box when creating a new mix.This will help you from constantly using the wrong listing. you have to remember everything you do, even privately effects the DB and others have to weed thru bad info. Another thing that is respectful to others is not publicly show your works in progress. I hope this helps you and others to have a greater experience using the elr community calculator and database.